Sunday, February 26, 2012

More Bits n Pieces

More parts for the upcoming build. Me Nismo LSD complete with Nismo certificate and user manual. Ony in Japanese. For a relatively small component the LSD is really heavy.

Brand new Nissan final drive/ring gear/crown wheel bolts. You will need eight for the RS5F70A final drive. Picture here should give you an idea of what I am talking about.

Water coolant channel plugs for the QG. Otherwise known in the US as "freeze" plugs.

Coolant drain plug on engine block. I'm taking the precaution to replace parts where I can. Makes no sense to run into issues later or blow my engine due to a failure of a part costing a couple ringgit.

Titanium fasteners for my brake caliper adapter. Got these from Racebolts which is much cheaper than what I was quoted by Pro-Bolt.

Couldn't quite managed to carry me driveshafts home. My arms are still aching. More on this later.

Original Nissan aluminium faced brake and clutch pedal pads from a Z33 for that sporty look. If my research is correct these are plug and pray.

Why no accelerator pedal pad? Well this is not plug and play for our "ancient" throttle cable N16. Picture below of the Z33 electronic accelerator pedal assembly. Picture courtesy of Greg/G-Spec.

Here's how the pedal looks like together with accelerator pedal pad on a Nismo 380RS.

I frankly have no idea if this works on newer N16/B15/G10s with an electronic throttle. Of course all MYDM N16s are throttle cable only regardless of Pre-FL, FL1, FL2, FL2+. If I can't find any matching accelerator pedal pads these are probably going to be for sale while I get myself some Sparco pedals.

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