Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AIMing for the Icon

Was in the US a week back and collected my AIM MXL Strada Icon. I bought my MXL Strada from the good guys @ Apex Speed Technology. Look for Neel Vasavada or DJ Uithoven. The package arrived at my hotel even before I arrived. However upon opening the box I got a shock as I was sent the standrad MXL Strada rather than the MXL Strada Icon I ordered. Picture below of the "incorrect" MXL Strada. Pardon the lousy quality from my HTC Desire S. My camera ran out of batt and I forgot to bring the charger along with me. Bummer!

Apex Speed Tech owned up to the mistake and Neel even responded to my email late on Saturday night. Really truly excellent customer service. I was shipped the correct AIM MXL Strada Icon which arrived the day before I left. I then hand carried it back to Bolehland. Yes, personally hand carried. Can't trust it to be abused and damaged via checked in luggage. If you asking whether I came back with two AIM MXL Stradas the answer is No. I had first hand experience with a United States Postal Service post office and shipped back the unit to Apex Speed Tech. Picture below of what I brought back home.

Opening the box revealed a CD-ROM containing the interface software and the "manual" which is more a simple wiring diagram and brochure of other AIM products. You can download the actual user manual here.

The supplied wiring and connectors to ECU and to PC/laptop. Connection to PC is via USB.

The AIM MXL Strada Icon dash display itself. Notice the difference in the side warning LEDs compared to the regular MXL Strada.

Reverse "back" side showing the mounting bosses and RS-232 and CAN (Controller Area Network) connectors.

I paid slightly under RM4K for the whole kit including tax. Had to pay tax as I was in California which is subjected to sales tax. Sales tax in the US is enforced at the state level. Need to get a prepreg carbon plate to mount the dash display and have Toby install and wire-in everything once the Slowtra goes in for its oil change.


Firdaus Asri said...

It's not going to be Slowtra any time soon bro :)

Mr. Admin said...

Bro, I'm searching for some sentra stuff and I stumble upon ur blog. What I would say is "WOW".. I endup reading all of ur post from beginning!! :) U provide a lot of usefull info for sentra owners.. keep up bro and do put in more content and pics of ur next to be "monstra" (monster sentra lol)

Andrew Saw said...

Thanks Bro. I kinda like the "Slowtra" name so might stick around a while :)

Mugil said...

looks good andrew, gps kit next then u will see how useful it will be for trackdays!!

monstra sounds good me thinks!

Andrew Saw said...


Would love the GPS kit but cost is >400USD which is dosh I can't afford at this point. Perhaps when Slowtra is hitting the track.