Saturday, November 19, 2011

K1 Technologies Connecting Rods Here!

While it might have taken more than eight months for me to get my K1 conrods, the rods were with me for less than 96 hours before being sent to GT Auto. Took some pixs before sending the package to Pos Laju. Picture below of the packaging. Four connecting rods are in this box.

Thanks to something called "globalization" many famous brands are now made in the PRC including K1 Technologies. The next time you laugh at "Cina Mari" parts think twice as your branded part could actually be made there! K1 rods are designed and finished machined in the United States though.

Labelling and details of my rods. "5.531" in the top row is the connecting rod center distance (ie. length). The numbers in the bottom row mean that total weight is 474.8g (grams), big end weight is 342.2g and small end weight is 132.6g. Interesting K1 uses metric for weight while length is still in imperial. "ARP2000" is self explanatory but if you are still not sure you can continue reading a bit to understand what it is.

Opening the packaging. The dark coloured liquid thingy is probably assembly lube. Not K1 gel though :)

The K1 Nissan QG18DE conrod. More pixs from Greg can be found in my earlier post.

The big (crank) end. As mentioned in my earlier post, the big end bolts are ARP2000 for their high tensile strength and excellent notch toughness.

The small (piston) end. The two holes are oiling holes that get the oil on the wrist pin. The K1 connecting rod features fruction reducing fully floating wrist pin design.

Each K1 connecting rod is CNC machined from 4340 steel forging and then undergoes core hardening and shot peening process to improve its strength. Each K1 rod is also magnetic particle inspected (MPI). During this inspection process the connecting rod is magnetized and then a magnetic flux such as iron particles is applied to its surface. This attraction helps reveal any surface imperfections or flaws on the conrod's surface.

This should now lead to some nice Ross forgies. I also have ACL engine bearings (crank/main, rod and thrust) on order and plan to WPC treat them. The ACLs are on back order though as the main bearings will only be avail end December. Everything should hopefully be ready for engine assembly some time early next year...


franciscus said...

hi there,
is your K1 Rods still for sale? i am very interested,please get back to me as soon as you me at 012-6766606. thank you.

franciscus said...

Hi Andrew,
not sure if my 1 comment went thru..just incase sending you another. im very interested in your K1 Technologies connecting rod set.please get back to me as soon as you can @ 012-6766606

Andrew Saw said...

As per my response to your other comment - Email me @