Monday, August 8, 2011

Dietary Supplements Part 4 - Titanium Nuts for the BC Racing BR Coilovers

Decided to replace the nuts on the front top mounts with titanium items. Each top mount for the BC Racing BR Series coilover damper utilizes three metric 8mm nuts so I ordered 6 in total. The rears will be replaced at a later date when budget is available. This time round Hyperbolt was cheaper than ProBolt hence my decision was simple.

Picture below of the titanium flanged (washer faced) nuts

Compared with the "stock" mild steel nuts that came with the shocks.

Fitted. I decided to get clear coloured anodized nuts rather than the more bling blue or gold coloured anodized versions.

Shocks are going in very very soon. Probably this weekend.


Jack said...

Uh.. huh.. he we go again!!

Jack said...

you will soon need a therapist for the anorexia?!

Andrew Saw said...

The Slowtra's a fat heavy slob Bro. Long long way to go before we talk bout anorexia. By then I might have to change the title to carbon supplements :)

Andrew Saw said...

Might need a therapist for budget control too way before anorexia :P

Jack said...

Eh, where is the install pics and reviews pls?! :)

Andrew Saw said...

Eh waitlah. Just got back late yesterday. Have not even done the alignment yet.