Friday, July 29, 2011

Work Emotion Wheel Lineage

Found this interesting piece of information on the web regarding my Work Emotion CR-Kai rims. From my Jap books and own research the information is pretty correct.

The original Emotion series rims by Work Wheels are sourced back to early 2000 and there are 3 different generations since the inception.  There were also 3 different manufacturing processes used during the different generations and also a host of available custom order finishes. Below is a breakdown of the different generations including identifying features of each. Please note this is for the real Work Wheels from Japan. Knock-offs and fakes need not apply. You can see these on the road everywhere nowadays unfortunately.

First Generation - Work Emotion
  • Pressed forged or medium/low pressure cast
  • Generally glossy colour paint
  • Custom colours available but at additional cost
  • No rim lip flange as on the CR-Kai
  • Not much spoke definition
  • Forged versions only available in 15", 17" and 18" diameter and were simply called "Emotion". A forged rim is lighter than a cast version.
  • Medium/low pressure cast versions in 16" and 17" were called "Emotion CR"
  • Medium/low pressure cast versions in 15" were called "CR-Kai"
  • Single bolt holes only.
  • Some available bolt patterns were discontinued when the 2nd generation was introduced around 2004
Second Generation - Work Emotion CR
  • Low pressure cast
  • Glossy colour paint
  • Custom colours available but at additional cost
  • No rim lip flange as on the CR-Kai
  • Spoke definition is more akin CR-Kai - utilizes a beveled edge to make the spoke sppear sharper and thinner
  • Forged version discontinued
  • Slightly different casting method - low pressure
  • Single bolt holes only
Third Generation - Work Emotion CR-Kai
  •  Low pressure cast
  • Matt colour paint
  • Rim flange lip
  • Spoke definition utilizing beveled edge to make the spoke appear sharper and thinner
  • Additional "dummy" holes apart from the bolt holes
  • Multiple finish options including chrome, black, matte/glossy
Picture below of my Work Emotion CR-Kai illustrating the features

During TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon) this year Work introduced what appears to be the fourth? generation of the Work Emotion CR series called the Work Emotion CR-Kiwami. Kiwami means "sublime" or the "highest" in Japanese. Apparently the spokes are now thinner and with a more aggresive taper. A new casting technology is utilized called Work Flow-forming Technology or WFT. WFT allows a thinner yet stronger rim section which reduces weight and yet not at the expense of strength. Picture below of the new series.

The CR-Kiwami is available in 15" - 18" sizes but unfortunately no 4 lug 114.3 PCD at this point. Also per Work's website the CR-Kai is still being sold at this point along with the CR-Kiwami. For how long I don't know so if you're aspiring to own these rims get them soon.


tomtom said...
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sasa sasa said...

I have cr kai and what it's mean WAE forged aluminium

sasa sasa said...

WAE Forged aluminium what does it mean?

Andrew Saw said...

Probably the first generation since it says "forged"