Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Busy with BC Racing BR Series Coilover Suspension

After three weeks of patient waiting my new BC Racing BR Series coilover dampers arrived. As mentioned in my previous post these shocks are not available for sale in Bolehland at this point but if you ask hard enough and dangle your ringgits you will get what you want. Honestly I find the BC Racing BR Series very affordable given the amounts of moolah being asked for such auto-x/track day capable shocks. For details on the BR series read here.

Picture below of the shipping packaging.

Open the outer shipping carton and you get the inner box.

Where the dampers reside. At this price point (>RM3.6K in cold hard cash only) BC cannot afford to have a separate box for each coilover damper. I believe Tein Superstreets are also packaged in similar fashion.

Cost saving exercise also appears on the materials wrapping the dampers. The fronts get bubble wrap and shrink wrap but the rears only get a shrink wrap. You also get the user manual, a pair of warranty cards, laminated aluminium "BC Racing" adhesive badge and a brochure showing the BC racing coilover damper range. Picture below of user manual, warranty cards and badge.

And a pair of C wrenches to adjust ride height and spring preload. Each C wrench has a different pattern so don't lose either one.

I also ordered a pair of damping adjuster extenders for the rear shocks just in case I might need them.

Picture of the front strut. Weight is 6kg per my bathroom weighing scale. Lower body is carbon steel.

Front spring rate per my personal specification is 7kg/mm. Standard is 6kg/mm. Spring diameter is 62mm but 65mm Swift metric coilover springs and probably other makes fit too. I specified similar front and rear spring heights - 200mm.

The height adjustment and spring preload adjustment lock nuts and spring seat. Threaded areas receive additional coating to minimize corrosion.

Each damper is dyno tested and matched.

"RH" denotes spherical bearing or pillowball top mounts which are a RM300 premium over the standard rubber top mounts. If you are concerned over noise and NVH, get the regular rubber top mounts.

Front top mount is not camber adjustable for N16s unlike the previous generation N15 and Proton/Mitsus due to the ridiculous Nissan strut tower top design. Damping adjuster knob is anodized aluminium. Every change in damping gives a confidence inspiring click. The spherical bearings are of Japanese manufacture though the brand is not stated.

BC provides a top elongated bolt hole on the lower mount bracket for some additional camber.

Bracket available for correct brake hose routing.

The rear damper. My rear spring rate is 5kg/mm. Standard is 4kg/mm. Weight is significantly less at only 4kg.

Because the entire lower body is CNC machined from a block of aluminium. Aluminium material type is not stated. Lower bush is urethane which gives less flex than rubber at the expense of NVH.

Rear spherical bearing top mount.

I am really impressed with the aesthetics and physical build quality especially with the price I am paying. BC Racing suspension is also TÜV certified. TÜV stands for Technischer Überwachungs-Verein or Technical Monitoring Association in English and is an independent German organization responsible for validating the safety of products of all kinds to protect people and the environment against hazards. It is not easy to gain TÜV certification and all products certified are guaranteed to be of quality and fit for the purpose it was designed for.

Will be fitting soon when time permits. Have also not decided if I should upgrade to Swift springs. 

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