Monday, July 11, 2011

Gear Selector Rods for the RS5F70A

The gearbox selector rods for my RS5F70A gearbox arrived nearly two weeks ago but then got held up by our dear customs. Had to take some time off from work to go pay them a visit so I can bring back my rods. Luckily the officer was very accommodating and after listening to my explanation and looking at my receipt she did not impose any tax on my two piece of hollow steel rods. This is the first time my stuff got held up at customs and probably because I underestimated the size of these things. Picture below of the rods in their wrapping on my dining table. The box they came in was even larger.

The part numbers. These are brand spanking new rods from Nissan USA. Don't bother trying to order from TCM/TCEAS. They won't know what you are talking about. They can't even tell me my gearbox model.

The rods. Top is the control rod while bottom is the support rod. The support rod is also longer. The ends that are still wrapped up hold bushes.

Close up of the ends. Top is the control rod. Bottom the support rod.

The other end of the control rod after being unwrapped. This end connects to the striking yoke on the gearbox.

Likewise the support rod.  Shadow is not a Super 8 wannabee but yours truly rushing to take a picture late at night.

I believe the control rod is all you are going to need but I decided to also buy the support rod as these are not too expensive at about USD50+ per rod. The support rod bracket has also been ordered and should be here soon.


Wai said...

Hi! are you dealing directly with BCR Taiwan or through the Malaysian dealer? I have gone through the Malaysian dealer but with no success getting the degree of customization that I want

Andrew Saw said...

Your post is at the wrong article Bro. I went thru the Malaysia dealer. What kind of customization are you looking for?

Wai said...

ooops wrong article indeed.
im looking for at least solid mount / camber plate adjustables but the Malaysian dealer can only provide me with the vanilla V1 design and no mounts.

local car no fun lah :(

Andrew Saw said...

Well it depends on you are talking to from the Malaysia dealer :) What car is this for? N16?

Andrew Saw said...

Bro Wai,

Can you please post your follow up comments to the correct article. Thanks in advance.