Friday, July 29, 2011

Work Emotion Wheel Lineage

Found this interesting piece of information on the web regarding my Work Emotion CR-Kai rims. From my Jap books and own research the information is pretty correct.

The original Emotion series rims by Work Wheels are sourced back to early 2000 and there are 3 different generations since the inception.  There were also 3 different manufacturing processes used during the different generations and also a host of available custom order finishes. Below is a breakdown of the different generations including identifying features of each. Please note this is for the real Work Wheels from Japan. Knock-offs and fakes need not apply. You can see these on the road everywhere nowadays unfortunately.

First Generation - Work Emotion
  • Pressed forged or medium/low pressure cast
  • Generally glossy colour paint
  • Custom colours available but at additional cost
  • No rim lip flange as on the CR-Kai
  • Not much spoke definition
  • Forged versions only available in 15", 17" and 18" diameter and were simply called "Emotion". A forged rim is lighter than a cast version.
  • Medium/low pressure cast versions in 16" and 17" were called "Emotion CR"
  • Medium/low pressure cast versions in 15" were called "CR-Kai"
  • Single bolt holes only.
  • Some available bolt patterns were discontinued when the 2nd generation was introduced around 2004
Second Generation - Work Emotion CR
  • Low pressure cast
  • Glossy colour paint
  • Custom colours available but at additional cost
  • No rim lip flange as on the CR-Kai
  • Spoke definition is more akin CR-Kai - utilizes a beveled edge to make the spoke sppear sharper and thinner
  • Forged version discontinued
  • Slightly different casting method - low pressure
  • Single bolt holes only
Third Generation - Work Emotion CR-Kai
  •  Low pressure cast
  • Matt colour paint
  • Rim flange lip
  • Spoke definition utilizing beveled edge to make the spoke appear sharper and thinner
  • Additional "dummy" holes apart from the bolt holes
  • Multiple finish options including chrome, black, matte/glossy
Picture below of my Work Emotion CR-Kai illustrating the features

During TAS (Tokyo Auto Salon) this year Work introduced what appears to be the fourth? generation of the Work Emotion CR series called the Work Emotion CR-Kiwami. Kiwami means "sublime" or the "highest" in Japanese. Apparently the spokes are now thinner and with a more aggresive taper. A new casting technology is utilized called Work Flow-forming Technology or WFT. WFT allows a thinner yet stronger rim section which reduces weight and yet not at the expense of strength. Picture below of the new series.

The CR-Kiwami is available in 15" - 18" sizes but unfortunately no 4 lug 114.3 PCD at this point. Also per Work's website the CR-Kai is still being sold at this point along with the CR-Kiwami. For how long I don't know so if you're aspiring to own these rims get them soon.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More Engine Development Blues - Incorrect ARP Cylinder Head Studs

Apart from having a better stronger head gasket, having a stronger cylinder head bolt is essential to providing optimum sealing especially if the engine is going to be making twice or more of its original horsepower.

ARP or Automotive Racing Products is reknown in motorsport for being the preeminent fastener source. ARP customers include Nascar, IRL and Formula 1. Unfortunately ARP does not have any off the shelf cylinder head studs for the Nissan QG16/18DE engine. This means the only way is to get measurements of the stock head bolt and send to ARP for the nearest equivalent. The shipping to send the stock head bolt to the US ain't going to be cheap so I inquired if I could purchase a stock QG18DE head bolt from Nissan US and have it sent to ARP for measurement. The answer is yes but Nissan only sells in minimum quantity of 5 bolts so I would have to purchase all 5. Anyway I did so and a couple weeks later the ARP equivalents were here.

Picture below of the stock cylinder head bolt including part number - 11056-4Z000

Picture of the ARP head stud I received including 12-point nut and washer. Material is ARP2000 alloy which is stronger than the standard 8740 chromoly alloy. ARP2000 is capable of achieving a clamp load of 220,000 psi while 8740 chromoly alloy can be heat treated to deliver a tensile strength of up to 210,000 psi. In contrast regular stainless steel is rated up to 170,000 psi. There are stronger alloys out there than ARP2000 but cost will increase exponentially and ARP2000 already is more than up to the task of holding the power I am expecting to make.
Close up on the 12-point nut

You can clearly see the difference in thread length and overall length. A quick email to my supplier confirmed the mistake.

So I now have to send the incorrect studs back to the US while my supplier sends me the correct ones. This will take a couple weeks.

Stop Press! - Email from my supplier - From ARP: There were only 4 in stock @ ARP when this order was placed. The ETA on the other 6 needed to complete this order is 2-3 Weeks.

This means by the time I get the correct head studs it will be a month or more :(

My Nismo G-Attack S-Tune Shocks are For Sale! (SOLD)

My shocks have got to go else it will end up taking up good space in my store room. Fronts are four years old and probably due for replacement but there are still no leaks to-date and I'm still running it today with no issues. Might last several months or a year. Who knows at this point? One side of the rear shocks sprang a leak very late last year probably due to a rear tyre blow out incident I had and I promptly replaced both sides. The rears have since done about 6K km so will probably last another good 3 years or more depending on your driving style and the condition of the road you drive on every day. I am asking for RM 400 drop dead for the whole set including springs. A new set will set you back RM1.6K or more. A pair (front or rear set only) will set you back ~RM 1K max so you are still making a couple hundred ringgit savings when the time comes for you to replace the fronts.

Serious enquiries pls contact me via email or call 012-4990807. Do not sms me for fun asking for best price. This is the best price!

Update: Shocks have been SOLD! Bro Amin, do let me know your driving impression :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Getting Busy with BC Racing BR Series Coilover Suspension

After three weeks of patient waiting my new BC Racing BR Series coilover dampers arrived. As mentioned in my previous post these shocks are not available for sale in Bolehland at this point but if you ask hard enough and dangle your ringgits you will get what you want. Honestly I find the BC Racing BR Series very affordable given the amounts of moolah being asked for such auto-x/track day capable shocks. For details on the BR series read here.

Picture below of the shipping packaging.

Open the outer shipping carton and you get the inner box.

Where the dampers reside. At this price point (>RM3.6K in cold hard cash only) BC cannot afford to have a separate box for each coilover damper. I believe Tein Superstreets are also packaged in similar fashion.

Cost saving exercise also appears on the materials wrapping the dampers. The fronts get bubble wrap and shrink wrap but the rears only get a shrink wrap. You also get the user manual, a pair of warranty cards, laminated aluminium "BC Racing" adhesive badge and a brochure showing the BC racing coilover damper range. Picture below of user manual, warranty cards and badge.

And a pair of C wrenches to adjust ride height and spring preload. Each C wrench has a different pattern so don't lose either one.

I also ordered a pair of damping adjuster extenders for the rear shocks just in case I might need them.

Picture of the front strut. Weight is 6kg per my bathroom weighing scale. Lower body is carbon steel.

Front spring rate per my personal specification is 7kg/mm. Standard is 6kg/mm. Spring diameter is 62mm but 65mm Swift metric coilover springs and probably other makes fit too. I specified similar front and rear spring heights - 200mm.

The height adjustment and spring preload adjustment lock nuts and spring seat. Threaded areas receive additional coating to minimize corrosion.

Each damper is dyno tested and matched.

"RH" denotes spherical bearing or pillowball top mounts which are a RM300 premium over the standard rubber top mounts. If you are concerned over noise and NVH, get the regular rubber top mounts.

Front top mount is not camber adjustable for N16s unlike the previous generation N15 and Proton/Mitsus due to the ridiculous Nissan strut tower top design. Damping adjuster knob is anodized aluminium. Every change in damping gives a confidence inspiring click. The spherical bearings are of Japanese manufacture though the brand is not stated.

BC provides a top elongated bolt hole on the lower mount bracket for some additional camber.

Bracket available for correct brake hose routing.

The rear damper. My rear spring rate is 5kg/mm. Standard is 4kg/mm. Weight is significantly less at only 4kg.

Because the entire lower body is CNC machined from a block of aluminium. Aluminium material type is not stated. Lower bush is urethane which gives less flex than rubber at the expense of NVH.

Rear spherical bearing top mount.

I am really impressed with the aesthetics and physical build quality especially with the price I am paying. BC Racing suspension is also TÜV certified. TÜV stands for Technischer Überwachungs-Verein or Technical Monitoring Association in English and is an independent German organization responsible for validating the safety of products of all kinds to protect people and the environment against hazards. It is not easy to gain TÜV certification and all products certified are guaranteed to be of quality and fit for the purpose it was designed for.

Will be fitting soon when time permits. Have also not decided if I should upgrade to Swift springs. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Gear Selector Rods for the RS5F70A

The gearbox selector rods for my RS5F70A gearbox arrived nearly two weeks ago but then got held up by our dear customs. Had to take some time off from work to go pay them a visit so I can bring back my rods. Luckily the officer was very accommodating and after listening to my explanation and looking at my receipt she did not impose any tax on my two piece of hollow steel rods. This is the first time my stuff got held up at customs and probably because I underestimated the size of these things. Picture below of the rods in their wrapping on my dining table. The box they came in was even larger.

The part numbers. These are brand spanking new rods from Nissan USA. Don't bother trying to order from TCM/TCEAS. They won't know what you are talking about. They can't even tell me my gearbox model.

The rods. Top is the control rod while bottom is the support rod. The support rod is also longer. The ends that are still wrapped up hold bushes.

Close up of the ends. Top is the control rod. Bottom the support rod.

The other end of the control rod after being unwrapped. This end connects to the striking yoke on the gearbox.

Likewise the support rod.  Shadow is not a Super 8 wannabee but yours truly rushing to take a picture late at night.

I believe the control rod is all you are going to need but I decided to also buy the support rod as these are not too expensive at about USD50+ per rod. The support rod bracket has also been ordered and should be here soon.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Evolved Clutch Hose Put to Good Use

Bro Nick has put to good use my evolved Earl's clutch hose with shorter length and alloy banjo end fitting. Picture of the installed clutch hose on his Sentra. As you can see the shorter length is so much tidier compared to my clutch hose from G Spec Performance.

Closeup of the aluminium alloy banjo end fitting.

If you own a N16 Sentra with RS5F30A manual gearboxes and want the clutch hose please contact me. Banjo end fitting also avail in plain mild steel if blue and red is too bling for you.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Coilover Dampers for the Slowtra - The Taiwanese Part 3 (Silver's, DGR and ISC)

Silver's is not a jewellery shop but like D2 Race and K-Sport make/sell performance parts including big brake kits and coilover shocks. Silver's was established in 1999 and claim they have extensive R&D for new products and repeatedly conduct street and actual race track tests. There are three coilover shocks in Silver's lineup - Neomax, Litech and the very clearly named 2 Way Racing Suspension. Only the lowest end Neomax is available for the N16 (this unhealthy trend is most demotivating). The Neomax is a monotube damper and feature a 44mm piston (20mm piston shaft) in a 52mm carbon seamless tube coilover body.
  • Part Number: NN101 for N16/B15
  • Damping Adjustable: 24 way single adjustable - probably compression and rebound combined but not specified in website
  • Ride height adjustable: Yes. Independent Ride height adjustable: Yes
  • Rebuildable: Yes but you will have to send back to Silver's in Taiwan
  • Front Spring Rate: 8 kg/mm, Rear Spring Rate: 4 kg/mm.
  • Top Mounts: Not stated in website but there is a mention that pillowball (spherical bearing) top mounts are optional. Apparently the aluminium plate is 7075 which should be stronger than 6061.
  • Other Notable Features: Italian IP F.A 5W suspension fluid with very high viscosity index guarantees efficient shock-absorbing action at any ambient temperature. Am not familiar with the brand hence cannot vouch on its quality. Sorry.
  • Price is not mentioned but probably competitive with BC Racing which to me should be its closest competitor.
DGR is not to be confused with the Japanese DG-5 and the Taiwanese parent website is only in Chinese at this point. Since I'm hopeless with Chinese the information I have gathered is limited. The website of the distributor in the US is equally dodgy and I've seen more info from eBay sites. You can check it out here. DGR claim many "types" of suspension are available but obviously only the street suspension is available for the N16/B15/G10.
  • Part Number: Not stated. Just look for Sentra N16 or Sentra 180 in Taiwan or Sentra B15 for US markets.
  • Damping Adjustable: 30 way single adjustable - probably compression and rebound combined but not specified in website or at least where I looked.
  • Ride height adjustable: Yes. Independent Ride height adjustable: Yes
  • Rebuildable: Yes but you will have to send back to DGR in Taiwan
  • Front Spring Rate: Not stated, Rear Spring Rate: Not stated.
  • Top Mounts: Not stated in website but probably avail in various types like all the other Taiwanese performance coilover damper brands
  • Other Notable Features: The US distributor apparently offers a lifetime warranty. Please read and understand the fine print though.
  • Price is not mentioned but probably competitive with the other similar Taiwanese brands like D2 and K-Sport.
ISC stands for I Shih Cheng and is or claims to be a specialized shock absorber manufacturer but their catalogue also show big brake kits and brake rotors. The N1 coilover is available for the Sentra but I could not find much useful information about this model except that it is a monotube coilover damper.
  • Part Number: N003
  • Damping Adjustable: 32 way single adjustable - probably compression and rebound combined but not specified in website or at least where I looked.
  • Ride height adjustable: Yes. Independent Ride height adjustable: Yes
  • Rebuildable: Yes but you will have to send back to ISC in Taiwan
  • Front Spring Rate (Street): 8 kg/mm, Rear Spring Rate: 6 kg/mm.
  • Front Spring Rate (Race & Drift): 10 kg/mm, Rear Spring Rate: 8 kg/mm.
  • Top Mounts: Spherical bearing top mounts are not available from what I see so you'll probably get the garden variety rubber mounts on a 6061 aluminium plate.
  • Other Notable Features: None
  • Price is not mentioned but probably competitive with the other similar Taiwanese brands like D2 and K-Sport.
This is bout it for the Taiwanese. There are more brands out there but they all seem to be of similar technology and are probably from the same manufacturer source(s). Next up will be the Euro big boys..

    Friday, July 1, 2011

    Clutch Masters FX400 Clutch and Billet Aluminium Flywheel

    My stock RS5F30A gearbox has a 200mm diameter clutch per the N16 Euro service manual whereas the 70A gearbox I had acquired has a 215mm diameter clutch. On top of this I can't be expecting my stock clutch to hold more than twice the power hence I carried this back home during my recent trip to the States. Clutch (clutch disc and cover/pressure plate) and flywheel cost me USD 850 after discount but not including shipment, any taxes and carrying labour :) Apart from the installation manual there was also a big Clutch Masters sticker and brochure in the box.

    I was initially thinking to try the Spec clutch but decided on Clutch Masters as they had a lightweight flywheel application for the Slowtra whereas Spec only had the clutch kit (clutch plate and cover). Picture of the clutch and flywheel in the box. I don't really dig white but guess it doesn't matter once everything is covered up by the gearbox bellhousing. The QG18DE uses the same clutch (not flywheel) as the FF SR20DE so there are plenty of choices available.

    The clutch alignment tool is on the top left hand corner of the packaging with the clutch release bearing on the top right hand corner. Removing the transparent wrap revealed the clutch cover and clutch sitting on the flywheel.

    Clutch Masters make several "stages" of clutches with the FX100 being the lowest stage or stage one and primarily for heavy duty street use. Then there is the FX200, 300, 400 all the way to 500 race only. There is also a twin plate but not avail for the Slowtra unfortunately. I got the FX400 in lieu of my expected power and torque. The FX400 is Clutch Masters ultimate extreme duty street and/or road/drag racing clutch and is the most streetable clutch a sane person would use for daily driving. The FX400 is available in both 4 or 6 puck/paddle with the higher puck count being the less aggressive setup. I'm a wuss hence decided on the less aggresive 6-puck clutch (Part number: 06-057-HDCB6). Having driven Exedy 3-pucks before where the all or nothing feel and the inability to slip the clutch especially during Penang's famous traffic jams was a royal PITA. On top of this due to the thin material and low puck count the clutch had a limited service life before it was due for replacement.

    Picture below of the clutch cover's pressure plate. The FX400 uses what Clutch Masters call the Power Plus 1 Pressure Plate/Clutch Cover.

    The 6-puck clutch disc features a sprung hub making it more streetable than solid hub clutches. Clutch Masters uses ceramic for the friction material. I would still expect this clutch to chatter slightly during first or reverse gear. Holding capacity is increased 170% over the stock QG18DE/RS5F70A clutch and even more over the smaller diameter QG16DE/RS5F30A clutch.

    Clutch disc sitting on the clutch cover/pressure plate.

    A lightweight flywheel enables you to accelerate faster and the effect is much more than a lightweight crank pulley without the potential reliability risk to the engine's lower end components and bearings. This helps to reduce turbo lag in turbocharged engines. Clutch Masters produce both chromoly and aluminium flywheels but only aluminium is available for the Slowtra. The aluminium flywheel is a a two piece unit featuring high carbon steel replaceable friction surface and oem steel steel ring gear. The aluminium material is billet 6061-T6. Unlike ten years ago when I upgraded the SP's flywheel, aluminium flywheels nowadays are generally reliable and stronger than the stock steel flywheel and with no risk of stress related failure. No need to worry about your manhood and other body parts getting sliced up by an exploding flywheel. Clutch Masters claim their lightweight flywheels are typically 50% lighter than stock but I have not weight my stock flywheel nor the new Clutch Masters unit hence cannot verify. Will do so when I install the clutch and flywheel.

    Picture below of the Clutch Masters Billet Aluminium Flywheel (Part number: FW-727-2AL). The high carbon steel steel friction surface is the darker coloured section of the flywheel.

    I am still waiting for several components for my "new" gearbox to arrive as the clutch and flywheel will be installed together. Still deciding if I should install my "new" gearbox on my puny QG16DE first or wait till my "new" engine is build.