Thursday, June 16, 2011

Brake Upgrade Part 4 - Wilwood BP-20 Brake Pad and Hard Brakes Titanium Brake Backing Plate Heat Shield Shims

I'll be using Wilwood's latest BP-20 compound brake pads with my front Wilwood/Fastbrakes BBK. The BP-20 has the following characteristics:
  • Provides increased friction levels with extended temperature range over the BP-10
  • Has a progressive response rate as pedal pressure and temperature increase to provide confident, repeated stops and outstanding modulation characteristics.
  • Unique metallic composition formula provides an aggressive feel without the harsh noise, high rotor (brake disc) abrasion and extreme dust levels associated with high metallic based compounds.

The BP-20 is recommended for advanced level track day and club sport competition and extreme duty dual purpose street/track vehicle hence I'm hoping would be a good compromise for what I'm building the Slowtra for. I previously used the Wilwood Polymatrix E-Compound on the SP and boy did it dust like mad as well as squeal whenever I lightly applied the brakes. Wilwood pads are manufactured by Raybestos. Picture below of the brake pad packaging.

As mentioned previously the Wilwood SL6R caliper uses 7416 pad shape/configuration. Picture of the packaging contents.

The brake pad

I also ordered titanium brake backing plate heat shield shims from Hard Brakes/TiSpeed. The brake heat shield supposedly provides the following benefits:
  • More consistent braking on the track. The brake heat shiled shims help prevent the loss of braking power that occurs when brake fluid starts to overheat or even boil, a phenomenon known as "brake fade" that can cause catastrophic and sudden brake failure.
  • Lower maintenance costs. These heat shields have been proven to extend the life of brake caliper components, including dust boots, caliper seals, piston surfaces and the brake fluid. Bro Jack swears by these claiming the brake fluid and piston seals on his Evo still look good as new as a year of use with several track days thrown in.
Picture below of the titanium brake backing plate heat shield shims plus several stickers, a business card and "documentation" - more like promo material printed via a colour printer that came along with the heat shield shims. Not cheap mind you costing more than three hundred moolahs including shipping. Even more expensive than many oem and performance brake pads.

The titanium brake backing plate heat shield shims
The heat shield shims with the brake pads. There is nothing to adhere the shims to the brake pad. One simply slots the shim behind the brake pad in the caliper. I am pretty sure this will result in more noise than a conventional noise reduction shim.
I will have to install and break-in my new brakes first before fitting the brake backing plate heat shield shims.


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