Friday, May 6, 2011

GCG V-band Flange for EFR Snail

The EFR6258 and all EFR series snails use a V-band clamp and coupling to mate its turbine outlet to the downpipe. The advantage of V-bands is that it can quickly be diassembled and disassembled compared to conventional fasteners. Loosen one bolt and the downpipe comes out. The disadvantage is higher cost and the fact that while V-bands are widely available specific EFR downpipe flanges took quite some time to come out. Quite a bit longer than the EFR snails in fact. GCG Turbo down under is an authorised distributor for BorgWarner and they have come up with a lovely V-band downpipe flange for the EFR. The flange can be ordered via GCG's website. I patiently waited more than a month for the flange and it finally arrived. Pictures below.

The flange features a male chamfer to suit the female chamfer in the EFR turbine housing and is suitable for a 3" diameter downpipe. The flange is most unfortunately made of mild steel. Its a shame as the EFR features a stainless steel turbine housing and I am planning for equivalent material for my downpipe and exhaust. Would be funny (to me) if the downpipe flange at the turbine end was the only part in mild steel. Despite being mild steel the cost is pretty prohibitive due to the strength of the Australian dollar and air freight duty.

To complete the V-band coupling I will need to purchase a V-band clamp and TiAL or Garrett make excellent examples. The TiAL V-band clamp part number for the EFR6255/58 is VC355SRT. Stay tuned.

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