Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ultra Racing Room/ B-Pillar Floor Bar

I originally got the UR room bar together with the 4 point lower arm bar back in late October last year and had both repainted matte black. Well being the king of procrastination, one thing led to another and both were sitting in my spare room till now. The lower arm bar still is but I finally installed the room bar. I actually brought the room bar to be installed at TCEAS Prai about a month back when I installed my DBA 4000 series rear brake discs but they did not want to install for me citing the excuse that they didn't know how to charge the labour cost. Dunno whether to laugh or cry hearing this. What a joke! I could have installed the room bar myself if I had the correct sized spanner. It is that simple.

Anyway I finally got these installed over the weekend. Its a 20 minute job for me and probably less with experienced hands. 2 washers had to remove for each seat belt lower mount bolt to ensure sufficient thread length for the bolt.

Picture of the room bar installed. Matte black is just so much classier than gloss white.

Rear leg room is definitely compromised but not an issue for me though when I showed the room bar to my wife I did invite some not so positive comments :)

As mentioned in my original post the room bar is the bar linking both the B pillars behind the front seats and serves to improve the car's chassis rigidity. It really does its job as driving home after the install the butt feel is of greater solidity (ie the Slowtra feels more "together". All in all a pretty decent investment as the room bar is relatively cheap IMHO and even cheaper if you like Ultra Racing white and do not need to repaint it. Stay away though if you ferry your in-laws a lot at the rear. Guaranteed to invite not so nice comments like "Are you crazy? This is not a race car!" :)


Andrew said...

Hey your blog came up in my forum and i spent a few min/hrs rifling through it... I have a boosted b15.. 320whp and 315tq... How do I get into contact with you?

Andrew Saw said...

Hello Andrew,

Its good to meet my namesake :) You can get in touch with me via this blog or email me @

Looks like you have a pretty fast B15 there :)

Dave 5er said...

Hey... two different carpets?

Andrew Saw said...

Yes Sir! The stock carpets are quite useless and not water proof so I got aftermarket ones and put these on top of the stock carpets. I know this is additional weight but the car is a daily driver :)