Monday, May 30, 2011

RS5F70A Found!

After months of searching I finally found the gearbox I was looking for. For those of you wondering why I need a different gearbox you haven't been reading this blog enough. Mike Kojima over at MotoIQ has a detailed write up. And here's a post from the SR20 that explains the RS5F70A's strength.

Price is a quite considerable RM1.6K with no flywheel and driveshafts as this gearbox is pretty rare in Bolehland. I don't need the flywheel as I have something else in mind :) Likewise driveshafts. Pictures below of a very dirty tranny straight from the kedai potong. Don't expect pristine looking stuff from kedai potongs as most have been sitting there for quite a while and have never been cleaned since new.

Next step is to disassemble the gearbox and replace what needs to be replaced. The casing and bellhousing also need a thorough wash. I also need a proper clutch, flywheel, gear selector rods, driveshafts and perhaps something called a limited slip differential :)

Diagram below illustrates the differences between the 30, 50 and 70 series gearboxes.

My thanks to Darren from The Almera Owners Club UK for some of the research on the differences between 30 and 70 series gearboxes and what it takes to convert from the 30A to a 70A. Darren has apparently blown not one but four RS5F30A gearboxes! Guess this shows how strong NOT the 30 series gearbox is..

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