Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Engine Development Delay

My conrods are actually supposed to be ready. Well at least I thought they were till I checked. To cut a long story short I bought a brand new QG18DE conrod and had it shipped to K1 Technologies in the US to be used for measurements to custom manufacture a much stronger forged H-beam conrod. That was back in early March and the lead time is around 12 weeks to design and custom manufacture a conrod hence I thought the conrods were about ready as we're coming to end of May. Unfortunately due to some miscommunication between K1, my supplier - G Spec and yours truly there's been zero progress till I checked with G Spec and K1 on the status. Well work has finally started but the downside is the conrods will only be ready by August. Triple Ouch!

Here's the official communication and quotation on my conrods. Certain details proprietary to myself only have been ommited.

We are pleased to quote this order for K1 Technologies H-beam Billet Rods.

This order to be supplied as follows:

4 pieces of Nissan QG18DE H-beam connecting rods as 1 matched/ balance set
Rod material: 4340 (fully machined billet)
Aluminum Bronze Bushing
Center to Center distance: 5.531”
Pin end honed to: .7487"/.7489"
Pin end width ground to: .858”/.852”
Journal end honed to: 1.6930”/1.6932”
Journal width ground to: .856"/.854"
Journal end chamfer: .075" on both sides
Bolts: ARP 2000 3/8-24 cap screw
K1 Part #TBD
Quote # G Spec 1
Quantity Price
1 Set $XXX.00 ea set

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