Saturday, May 7, 2011

Carbon Stripes - Prepreg Carbon Number Plates

I've been itchin to replace my carbon number plates (especially the front) for a while. If you remember history the fronts were Malaysia Boleh CSM with an aesthetic layer of wet lay up carbon on top. The rears were originally the same but fell out due to shrinkage and was duly replaced with a Rallytech UK equivalent. I could not afford to replace the fronts then due to the high cost factor then and this soldiered with me for a good three years.

Bro Mugil recently went on a marathon biz trip to Europe. While there he got me carbon plates at drop dead unbelievable price. Thanks Bro. Dunno where I'll be without all the help from you and my brothers. These are real pre-preg 100% carbon plates If you're not familar with the term "pre-preg" I think you will be familiar with "dry carbon". There is 0% CSM (fibreglass) in these plates! Pictures below of the front number plate - top and bottom surfaces. These are the more common and racy twill weave. As per norm I had the plates clear coated for UV protection. Looks good enough without clearcoating but from experience if you do not protect the carbon fibre from UV in the long run it will get yellow fever and inherit a yellowish hue.

Close up of the twill weave. Just look at the 3D carbon weave. Prepreg carbon like the SP's bonnet previously sounds like metal when you rap it with your knuckles. Much lighter than a CSM/carbom plate too!

The rear

Front number plate installed

And the rear. The clearcoat is really glossy!

My old number plates are now up for sale if anyone's interested. Any takers?

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