Monday, May 16, 2011

Brake Upgrade Part 2.2 & 3 - Test Fitting the Wilwood BBK and Installing New RHS Rear Caliper

Test fitted my BBK over the weekend to see if I require a spacer and possibly extended wheel lugs for my Work Emotion CR Kai to clear the Wilwood SL6R caliper. Picture below of the disc/rotor assembled with the aluminium alloy centre bell (revers side). Each rotor is fastened to the bell with 8 bolts (Non-metric Grade 8 hex head 5/16-18 thread pitch). Unfortunately only 15 bolts in the kit hence I'm short of one bolt. Fastbrakes will supply the required bolt. Am thinking if I should splurge some cash to get 8740 chrome moly ARP fasteners which are stronger than Grade 8 and rated 200,000 psi tensile strength!

Here's how the new rotors compare size wise with the stock rotors. I admit I cheated. The new rotors are sitting on the caliper box hence slightly closer to the camera compared to the stock rotor. But still you get the picture.

So do I need a spacer? I'm chuffed to bits to say that I don't. The Works clears the caliper with room to spare.

Slightly closer up.

I'll be fitting the BBK when I get my new brake hoses and the bolt. In the meantime I also fitted my spanking new and newly painted RHS rear caliper to replace the faulty one. The rusty bolt securing the brake hose is a glaring contrast but TC does not have even one spare new bolt in stock. Sigh.

Peeping from behind the rims. Shiny lug nut is not some special super duper lug nut but rather the security adapter key for my Rays lug nuts which had not been removed and will need to be removed before driving.

The handbrake works like a charm now even without replacing the hand brake cable. And why did I not replace the handbrake cable although being told to by TCEAS in the first place? Well they ordered the wrong handbrake cable for me. They ordered the one meant for a rear drum brake. What a joke! But since my handbrake works perfectly well now I don't need to replace the handbrake cable. That's my hard earned money well saved. Thank You!


muhd khair 'tripod' said...

hi andrew...i am also N16 user living in pmtg pauh penang..

just like to ask something about your much did u bought it?

Andrew Saw said...

Hello Muhd Khair,

How much depends on the spec you specify (single or two piece brake rotor, brake caliper end fittings, brake pad choice). For my config ~6K depending on US exchange rate not including tax and shipping. Pls note these are not off-the-shelf kits and basically customized to your requirements and specifications. And pls allow ~6 weeks of manufacturing time

muhd khair 'tripod' said...

thanks mate..