Saturday, April 30, 2011

Deatschwerks DW301 In-Tank Fuel Pump

Amidst all the hooha regarding brakes this arrived courtesy of my wife's friend. Thanks Tsui Li!

This is the latest greatest fuel pump from Deatschwerks and is claimed to outflow the famed Walbro 255. Deatschwerks claims the fuel pump flows in excess of 300 lph (litres per hour) hence the name. Table below extracted from Deatschwerks website illustrates the flow figures.

The fuel pump is compatible with standard petrol and also ethanol. And in-tank fuel pump is installed inside the fuel tank itself as vs an external fuel pump. Deatschwerks equips every DW301 fuel pump with 3 year no-fault warranty. Picture below  of my fuel pump

I bought the universal pump kit which includes the following:
  • 2" x 2" sock
  • Electrical connector
  • 4" of fuel line
  • Miscellaneous hardware
The fuel pump impeller design is the single scroll composite turbine type which Deatschwerks claims to be quieter than the rotor style pump found in a Walbro. For those of you familiar with Walbros anything to reduce or eliminate the annoying fuel pump whine helps. Technical drawing of the DW301 from Deatschwerks website

This will go in when my engine is ready together with the Deatschwerks 600cc fuel injectors and Tomei fuel pressure regulator.


hmph said...

the whine dear god the whine!
It drives me nuts at times :-(
How much is this one? if the price is comparable may want to change :-D

Andrew Saw said...

Bout 500ish depending on the exchange rate. Does not include shipping..

CD1 said...
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CD1 said...

Hi Andrew!

Nice blog.

Andrew Saw said...

Hey Chris, Good to see you here. Full report to follow when my engine build is done and I install the injectors and fuel pump. See that you now have 1000cc injectors for my engine. Hope I'll shan't be needing these soon :)