Friday, April 22, 2011

Brake Upgrade Part 2.1 - New Right Hand Side Rear Caliper

My new caliper was shipped yesterday and should be here in a week or so. Picture below of my caliper courtesy of my supplier - Greg V from G Spec Performance in the US. I have compared the pictures with my caliper and everything seems to be the same right down to the "52" and "T5" and "R" engraved on the caliper body casting. I ordered just the caliper body which is cheaper compared to if I order the caliper body + mounting bracket. There is also a USD40 rebate if I return my current caliper. Overall cost before tax came up to half of what TCM wanna charge me.

Here's are two pictures of my current failed caliper for comparison purposes.

I have also ordered a brand new RHS hand brake cable from TCM. Also need to paint my new caliper when it arrives. Update to follow. 

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