Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tyres for my Works

My Works should hopefully be here by next week and I'm currently contemplating tyre choices. My choices are currently limited to three of which two are max performance tyres but still considered daily driving road tyres and the other is as close as you can get two a semi-slick or the Advan Neova AD08 or Falken Azenis. Oh and budget is bout RM500 per tyre max so don't ask me to get the AD08. Tyre size is 215-45 17".

Let's talk bout the max performance tyres first. These are:

Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric. While the reviews on these tyres have generally been excellent the size I want is made in the PRC. My tyre supplier adviced me not to go for PRC ones. The made in Germany ones are 225-45 17" but these (gulp) cost RM600+

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT. These are made in Japan and like the Goodyear F1 Assys are also assymetrical in design and feature Kevlar fibre reinforced sidewalls.

And now for the extreme performance and near semi-slick the famed Federal 595 RS-R. I can get these @ pretty reasonable price but '09 stock and there are exactly four left. The new 2011 stock is expected to cost substantially more and way above my budget. Threadwear is quoted as a wallet busting 140 but one can never compare UTQG ratings from different tyre manufacturers. A tyre from another manufacturer with the same rating can be softer or harder. However one things for sure, compared to the above two tyres the 595 RS-R will give more dry  grip and steering response but at the expense of NVH, tyre wear and wet weather grip.

All thoughts, comments and feedback are welcomed!


Firdaus Asri said...


You know me, I suggest RSR hehehe. Yeah tread rating for this donut is 140 but I was surprised that it lasted me slightly more than a year with frequent sunday drives. Having said that I knew a guy who trash his car every single day using this tyre and it lasted only 6 months. In terms of wet driving, it'll be nervous (especially when thread less than 60%) when going through water puddles, aside from that it's pretty as good as max performance tyres like F1 GSD and RE001. Personally speaking, I prefer RSR feel on the wet than say F1 GSD.

Alternatively, you should consider F1 Asymetric as it's supposed to be the best balanced tyres available. But size wise, I'm not sure if there's any 215/40 or 225/40. Other than that, you may consider Bridgestone S001, Japan made OEM for Astons and California if I can recall correctly.

Andrew Saw said...

I know Bro. But I drive across the Penang bridge twice everyday to and from work and some times the weather conditions close to a typhoon! Furthermore looks like even @ best case the RS-Rs will last bout 1.5 years max which is quite a ouch! My dealer is dead set against me going for made in PRC F1 Assys. He has told me a couple horror stories albeit with GDS3s.

Firdaus Asri said...

Then Bridgestone RE070 or S001 might suits your needs as they have 225/40 size :)

Andrew Saw said...


I'm actually looking for 215-45 17" first and worse case only 225-45 17". WOuld prefer 215.