Thursday, March 31, 2011

The SP is for Sale

Its a sad sad day for me and I'm sure Bro Mugil is having a pretty tough time too. The SP is for sale as Mugil is planning a new career outside of Malaysia hence has decided to part with arguably the fastest, trickest, bestest Putra in Bolehland. Details of the SP here. The spec list of the SP alone is a couple pages long and even then all the passion, work and bst involved is not fully covered. Bro Mugil has taken the SP even beyond what I originally envisioned. Truly an astounding build and car.

Those interested are requested to contact Bro Mugil at at 012-335 0607 or email

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wilwoods are Here!

My Wilwoods have finally made it to Bolehland. Picture of the package.

Slow striptease. Package opened to reveal contents.

The mounting brackets. These are CNC machined.The SL6R caliper is radial mount unlike the more conventional lug mount Wilwood Dynalite and Superlite. Radial mounting results in a stiffer caliper.

Box for the pads. "7416" is the pad shape/configuration. The 7416 pad is same as 7420 pad except thickness is 16mm as opposed to 20mm.

Stainless steel braided brake lines.

And here comes the big parts. Calipers + Rotors. If you need to ask these are for my front brakes only. Rears will make do with DBA 4000 series rotors and Stoptech 309 compound pads.

The rotors. These have a diameter of 310mm (12.2"). There are 6 slots per rotor. No cross-drilling as these will crack when subjected to track day torture. The centre bells are aluminium alloy which will really lessen the mass when compared to a one piece rotor. Downside is higher cost.

As mentioned previously the thickness is 28mm or 1.1"

The SL6R caliper or Billet Narrow Superlite 6R Radial Mount Caliper to give it it's full name. Each caliper is CNC machined from a piece of forged aluminium alloy. Piston sizes are 1.62", 1.12" and 1.12". There is no rubber seal as these will only melt when subjected to consistent and intense heat energy generated under heavy usage. Calipers are also available in red but again @ extra cost.

I would like to thank Bro Mugil for all the help rendered. Wouldn't have been able to do this without all the assistance rendered. Thanks Bro! Owe You One! Now please excuse me while I go find some quick relief..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tyres for my Works

My Works should hopefully be here by next week and I'm currently contemplating tyre choices. My choices are currently limited to three of which two are max performance tyres but still considered daily driving road tyres and the other is as close as you can get two a semi-slick or the Advan Neova AD08 or Falken Azenis. Oh and budget is bout RM500 per tyre max so don't ask me to get the AD08. Tyre size is 215-45 17".

Let's talk bout the max performance tyres first. These are:

Goodyear Eagle F1 Assymetric. While the reviews on these tyres have generally been excellent the size I want is made in the PRC. My tyre supplier adviced me not to go for PRC ones. The made in Germany ones are 225-45 17" but these (gulp) cost RM600+

Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT. These are made in Japan and like the Goodyear F1 Assys are also assymetrical in design and feature Kevlar fibre reinforced sidewalls.

And now for the extreme performance and near semi-slick the famed Federal 595 RS-R. I can get these @ pretty reasonable price but '09 stock and there are exactly four left. The new 2011 stock is expected to cost substantially more and way above my budget. Threadwear is quoted as a wallet busting 140 but one can never compare UTQG ratings from different tyre manufacturers. A tyre from another manufacturer with the same rating can be softer or harder. However one things for sure, compared to the above two tyres the 595 RS-R will give more dry  grip and steering response but at the expense of NVH, tyre wear and wet weather grip.

All thoughts, comments and feedback are welcomed!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wilwood Here I Come!

Just got this via email a couple minutes ago from Brian @ Fastbrakes. Am speechless!

"Your kit is all ready to ship, finished brackets yesterday"

After more than 2 months including the design spec stage am now close to realizing my front brakes. This is what I'll be using:
Now I have to get the parts delivered. Then will have to test mount with my new wheels to ensure these clear the caliper else will have to order a hubcentric spacer kit with extended length lugs. Oh and hopefully I will not have to upgrade my brake master cylinder. This one's a big bummer which I'll blog about in due time. Stay tuned.