Monday, February 28, 2011

JDM QG18DE Engine Kosong

Something I got a while back. A decent condition JDM QG18DE. Pardon the not so good pictures which were taken by my Bro Jacko. Ignition coil packs appear to be different from the local MYDM variant.

I specified a cable throttle variant rather than try add more complexity into the mix with Nissan's drive-by-wire electronic throttle body found in later variant QGs.

Side of the engine showing the cam sensor.

JDM Pitwork Oil Filter. Look at how close the oil pressure sensor is to the oil filter. Methinks this is going to complicate an oil cooler via oilstat/sandwich adapter installation. The oil filter is at the back of the engine beneath the intake manifold btw.

That's all for now. Waiting for engine to be taken apart  for some TLC bath wash and to replace all seals, bearings, innards, etc. What colour should I paint the cam cover?


Firdaus Asri said...

Bro, you're going to use this as the base for the mods? How much you got it for?

Andrew Saw said...

Yup.. This is my donor engine. The stock is only 1.6 and it beats opening the bore by 4mm. The QG18's pretty reasonable by today's standards. ~2K+ for the engine kosong. Am also looking for a decent RS5F70A gearbox.

Firdaus Asri said...

Wow! Possibility of bore-ing by extra 4mm means you might just exceed 1800cc and I hunching you're looking at closer final drive for that gearbox too :)

Andrew Saw said...

Err..I meant to turn my 1.6 into 1.8 I would need to bore out by 4mm. Not a good proposition hence would settled for an engine kosong. Am planning to go for 1mm overbore for that with 81mm forged pistons. Final drive sounds interesting but need to get the gearbox first and a decent LSD :)