Friday, January 28, 2011

The EFR 6258 is Here!

Pixs tell a thousand words. These are the first two in Malaysia from what I know. One for me and one for a Bro.

This is what my Bro Jacko whom helped to pick up the snail has to say bout the EFR - "LOL... you guys better chia me good dinner. I had to lug both your turbo to my unit. Luckily they were very light as compared to other turbos

Firstly good news. The water and oil ports are all M14 x 1.5 as described on the installation guidelines. You also do not need an oil restrictor as its already build in (SMART!). Turbo is top notch, even my turbo guy that sees turbo day in and day out commented that its very beautiful and will flow better than any GT28 variant. The compressor housing is bigger than the stock evo7-8 and maybe same size as the evo9. That explains the 400hp potential. The compressor wheel is a billet item and will last longer than the car if nothing touches it at 100,000rpms. Other good things I see is that the shaft is thick, casting is top quality and turbo spins very well!! The compressor housing can also be rotated 360deg as its being held by Vband clamps and the actuator can move with it. Very impressive. You guys made a great choice. To the untrained eye this may look like a small turbo.. but look closer and it will smoke the rest... The quality is very good better than Garret and any OEM turbo of course.

Bad news is that you have to get the 3" Vband clamps for the turbo as my turbo friend does not have them in stock now. But plenty in Ebay. Other than that you guys are pretty much set and ....... oh and also the expensive dinner with me :P"

Looks like many sleepless nights ahead for me. Sweet turbo dreams...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Deatschwerks 600cc Fuel Injectors

These arrived just in time for CNY. Packaging pictures

So why Deatschwerks? Well these are 100% drop-in for the QG/QR series engines. No need to muck around doing research on which fuel injectors fit the QG or trying to adapt injectors to an engine. I've seen some people trying to fit Impreza WRX injectors with not too impressive results.The last thing anyone wants leaking is petrol onto a hot engine.  The other plus points of the Deatschwerks injectors are:
  • Flow rates and set balancing done in-house
  • Flow balanced to within 1-2% with flow report included for every set of injectors
  • High impedance coils to match OEM ECU
  • Excellent spray pattern and atomization for excellent idle and tuning
  • Technical assistance and tuning data available via phone or email
  • Deatschwerks already supply many US pro time attack teams. Nothing beats the technical know-how and experience.
Picture of the contents of the package. Apart from 600cc Deatschwerk injectors are also available for the Nissan QG/QR engines in 380cc, 440cc and 800cc capacities. 600cc is more than sufficient for 350+ horsies. Deatschwerks even took the trouble to include synthetic PTFE grease with the injectors.

The flow report of my injectors

The fuel injector up close. Manufacturer is Denso

Next up would be my fuel pump upgrade. The upcoming Deatschwerks DW300 series looks promising!

Friday, January 21, 2011

My Rims and Tyres are Sold!

To a Bro whom will soon be putting these on a Waja.

My Rays lugnuts are still available. I have a used set and a brand new set. Both are 16 pieces only and available in any colour or shade so long as it's black :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Search has Ended: Work Emotion CR Kai

OK.. my search for 17" rims/wheels have ended. I have ordered 17 X 7" offset +42 Work Emotion CR Kais in MGM (Matt Gun Metal). The wheels should be arriving in March. In the meantime here are 2 pictures taken from Work's website. First one with anodized blue lugnuts while second with black lugnuts.

These wheels are heavier than the Gram Lights I'm currently using or even the 5Zigen FN01R-Cs I was originally intending to get but the increased strength will do me well with Penang's famed potholed roads. Besides I can lose weight elsewhere like the brakes :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fuel Injector Sizing

Both RC Engineering and Deatschwerks offer detailed websites explaining how to select the proper injector size for the target horsepower you are aspiring to achieve. And if you're too lazy for manual calculations both offer an automatic calculator for injector sizing vs target horsepower. Note: for your injectors to function reliably please ensure your duty cycle is not over 75% at maximum load (RC states 80% as the danger point, Deatchwerks states 90% while Andrew says 75% from personal experience. You decide. Duty cycle is the amount of time the injectors remains open in relative to the amount of time it is closed. 0% means the injectors are not in use while 100% means the injectors are switched on or opened ALL the time.

RC's Fuel Injector Sizing Calculator
Deatschwerks Fuel Injector Sizing Calculator

And so what are the size of stock QG16 and QG18 injectors? The honest answer is I don't know. I've gone thru the service manuals for both N16 and B15 yet came up with nothing. Maybe I need to read in more detail? A search on the great big place in the Matrix - the Internet actually,  revealed that stock QG18DE injectors could be 240cc. However one person claimed 180cc which frankly to my opinion is too small but one cannot imagine what TCM is capable of doing especially since the experience of knowing that they (TCM) fitted a puny gearbox to the N16 manual version. Guess I'll know once I dismantle and test flow the stock injectors.

I do know that for the power I'm aspring and my engine spec I will require 600cc to be on the cautious side. Those that have maxed out injectors till failure will know the very painful and expensive consequences. Have ordered Deatschwerks 600cc injectors which have been shipped as I type this.

BorgWarner EFR 6255 Discontinued... NOT!

A little (well actually a pretty big one that is closely linked to the BorgWarner Manufacturing Plant) bird just told me that BorgWarner has no plans to discontinue the production of the EFR series 6255 at this time.

I have already ordered my 6258 which should hopefully be here by the end of this month. Stay tuned!