Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Early Christmas Presents: Stoptech 309 Compound Street Performance Brake Pads

Arrived home after a long day's work today to find this box sitting in my compound.

Unpacking the box revealed some spare parts for the Slowtra and my performance rear brake pads. These are the new Stoptech 309 compound street performance brake pads which I ordered from G Spec Performance the same place where I got my braided clutch line. Picture below of the pads and what's left of the original box for the brake pads.

The original box has been discarded to make the package Bolehland Customs friendly. Picture of the backing plate complete with noise reduction shim.

Friction surface

I originally wanted to get Hawk HPS but was adviced by Greg of G Spec that the Stoptech is better as he had been running these for a month and the fade resistance is much better, they stop great on the street, and still stop well when hot. Comparison data provided by G Spec:
  • Stoptech 309 suitable for usage up to 1300 degrees Farenheit (704 deg Celcius) - light track, autocross, canyon runs, performance street). HPS showed significant fade at 750 degrees F (398 deg Celcius)
  • Stoptech 309 has 25% more cold bite than HPS
  • In an industry standard brake fade test, HPS experienced significant fade after the 3rdstop. Stoptech 309 had more bite after our 15th stop than HPS on that 3rd stop.
  • Pad wear was 50% less after the test was completed, shows much better durability, especially at high temperatures
  • Stoptech 309 come pre-shimmed for reduced noise, HPS do not include shims.
  • Stoptech 309 pads are pre-scorched for reduced green fade and more consistent performance, HPS are not.
Best of all the Stoptech 309 Street Performance pads cost about the same as the stock Hitachi brake pads and less than the Hawk HPS. And what about Endless? While these look nice with the blue backing plate the price is really nuts especially when you consider these are only rear brake pads. Even basic Endless SNP compound pads cost significantly more than the Hawk HPS.

So is the Stoptech really that good as it is made out to be? I will report out in about a month's time when I install together with my DBA 4000 Series rear brake rotors which hopefully are in a cargo ship on its way to Malaysia by now.

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