Friday, December 17, 2010

Engine Builder - GT Auto

After months of research and discussion I've finalized on the Slowtra's engine builder. The Slowtra's engine will be build by GT-Auto. GT-Auto is responsible for many of the monsters I know including the SP, Lemon and of course a certain Toyota Vios Turbo. You guys know who you are :) GT-Auto is also responsible for the fastest 8 sec drag Evo in the Bolehland Motorsport Scene. These guys are the real deal.

I cannot wait to get started on the collaboration work as unlike most fast N16s here the Slowtra will have the supposedly inferior QG16/18DE engine and not SR16/18/20/DE/VE based. QG actually stands for "Quality" and "Green" so you can imagine what the original brief of the engine was. However all this is going to change soon. Stay tuned for 2011 the year the Slowtra is no longer slow.


Jack said...

I smell forgies and big turbo's??

Andrew Saw said...

Shhhh... Turbo not as big as yours :P