Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dietary Supplements Part 3 - Ti Bolts for Alutec Strut Bar

Sometimes I don't understand aftermarket performance parts manufacturers. Why go through all the trouble of manufacturing the entire strut bar from aluminium including the mounting bracket only to fit everything together with el cheapo mild steel fasteners? While my Alutect front strut bar looks as good as day one the same cannot be said of the fasteners which attach the bar to its mounting brackets. Despite lots of TLC these were beginning to rust! I was just going to settle for some stainless steel items as titanium versions will cost nearly as much as the bar itself from my previous experience. However three factors caused me to eventually go for Ti. Number 1 the UK Pound is at an all time low against the Malaysian Ringgit, number 2 Pro-Bolt had the specific sized bolt I was looking for on sale and number 3 I had two leftover Ti M10 washers so this meant I only had to order two washers instead of four. Talk about luck! Apart from being lighter than steel titanium like aluminium also does not rust.

Picture below of the stock rusty fasteners with the Pro-Bolt titanium equivalent

Closeup of the "stock" nut which was beginning to show spots of rust.

Took me bout 15-20 minutes to DIY install the Ti fasteners. Picture post-install.

When budget is avail I'm going nutty and replacing the three nuts that mount the top of the front damper to the suspension strut tower with titanium equivalents. Will need six nuts for that though..

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