Monday, December 27, 2010

5Zigen Honda Civic Type R FD2 Currently the Fastest FF Racecar in Japan

The 5Zigen Honda Civic Type R has broken the Tsukuba record for front wheel drive and front engine cars with a scorching 58.222 seconds during the RevSpeed Time Attack event on December 10th. To give you a comparison of how fast that is, a stock Nissan R35 GTR in the hands of a top driver will do around 1 minute 2 seconds. The CTR is an all out race car though. Details and pictures of the car can be found at the following:
Unfortunately for Honda NA Bagus fans the car is turbocharged! Laughing gas is also a feature to extract more power and to minimize turbo lag. Never underestimate your everyday front engine and front wheel drive sedan grocery getter.

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