Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Slowtra's Rear Brake Pad

I've completed my rear brake pad research and ordered my rear pads. Picture below of  my rear brake pad's backing plate complete with noise reduction shim.

The brake pad I'm using is different from regular TCM N16 1.6 SG-L and XG-L Sentras. Thanks to Nissan parts sharing the brake pad is the exactly the same as the USDM B15 Sentra SE-R with SR20DE engine and the famed JN15 Pulsar VZR N1. Brake pad drawing courtesy of Hawk (Pad Shape HB421)

and Endless (Pad Shape EP263). Measuring my stock pad with a vernier caliper confirmed the dimensions.

Sharing the same brake pad with a performance car has its merits. For one there are lots of brake pad options. Endless lists the following compounds for the EP263 - SNP, NS97, SS-Y, SS-M and CCA.
And what about the local disc brake Slowtras? I believe it should be this pad shape from my eye balling. Pls note that this is from eye balling only as I did not have the opportunity to dismantle the rear brake pad of local TCM Slowtras for measurements and verification.

This pad is apparently also the same as a Mazda RX8. The total pad surface area is slightly less than my pad as the max height is ~3.5mm less.

So did I get Endless or Hawk or? I'll save that for another story when my brake pad arrives

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