Saturday, November 20, 2010

Larger Wheels

I'm starting to think if I should go to larger wheels or rims to contain the power that I'm building the Slowtra to produce (>2 times)? I really hate wheelspin as all that energy and power is wasted in heat, smoke and noise. I'm thinking if I should go for 215-45 series tyres on 17" X 8" or even fatter tyres on 17" X 9" wheels? This should clear the big brakes nicely too. On the other hand there are also camps advocating stretched tyres for a stiffer sidewall feeling.

The problem is N16 comes with fashion obsolete 4 lug 114.3mm PCD. While this might have been fashionable more than ten years ago when the likes of Evo 1-3 roams the streets nowadays all 114.3 PCD are 5 lugs. What this means is that most rims are meant for that configuration. Thinking if I should convert to get the wheel I want? The 114.3 PCD 4 lug option is extremely limited but here is one nice example still in the market. 5Zigen's FN01R-C "Hot Version". The are relatively light for a cast wheel but I still dream about forged Rays TE37s.

So my choices are stick with what I have (16" X 7" Rays Gram Lights), go for larger sizes and convert to 5 lug or stick with my current wheel mount config and get something like the FN01R-Cs. What do you think? I know what some of my close brothers will say :P

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