Sunday, November 28, 2010

Excellent Customer Service - The Tuners Group

I've been thinking to ditch my airbag steering wheel and get something proper like the Momo Corse Model 78 I was using on my previous car together with a quick release boss. Or maybe my carbon fetish will lead me to a Reverie pre-preg carbon steering wheel as used by the WRC teams? Nothing beats a proper "race" oriented steering wheel for feel.

I wanted a proper Works Bell shortened steering boss as using one with a longer length together with the Rapfix II meant my fingers couldn't reach the indicator and light stalks without me reaching forward.

Now the problem here is the N16 is not exactly available in Japan. I contacted The Tuners Group in Australia as they claim to offer the Rapfix II cheaper than retail in sushi land. I initially didn't hope for much but after exchanging some data for my car including the proper chassis designation for the equivalent model in Japan (The Bluebird Sylphy G10) they actually found the correct boss kit for my car and put in on their online web shop. So much better than the typical "I'm sorry but we do not have an application for your car as it is not sold in Japan" response. A big thumbs up!

Will blog more later after I order the short boss and Rapfix II.

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GeroMB said...

I ad a completely different experience. The Tuners Group is a fraudulous company and a scam. I came across them because I was looking for a very specific product which I found on their website. I contacted them with some questions and got a quick feedback with all explanations. Adam was very helpful and seemd trustworthy, so I ordered. He asked me to wire the money, which I stupidly did. Then things changed. I got some rare answers to my questions on when the products will ship and in the end, nothing any more. No replies, no products, no money back. It all ended and I lost my money and never recieved anything.

Please be aware that this is a fraudulous company and a scam. They rip you off without delivering anything. Maybe that is also the reason, why there is no company address. I was so stupid to overlook all that and paid for it. Please do not fall in that trap.