Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Cost of Inflation! PRO-RS Brake Hose Kit

I first bought the PRO-RS stainless steel teflon braided brakes lines in anticipation of a rear disk brake upgrade for the Slowtra bout 2.5 years ago. The brake lines were sold when the project stalled. I've since bought back the same hoses but the price has gone up by ~ 8%. All I can say is Ouch!

Anyway here are the latest pictures. Packaging looks exactly the same as earlier.

Two of the hoses. These are for the rears.

The hoses look very well engineered. The centre tabs are for mounting and correct routing. Incorrect routing is often the most common cause of braided brake hoses rupturing or breaking into two as the hose will rub against the shocks or wheel rim eventually leading to wear of the hose outer braid, etc. and ultimately failure. PRO-RS braided brake hoses feature a stainless steel outer braid while the hose is teflon lined. Teflon is a material that has less flex and expansion compared to rubber thus eliminating the spongy brake pedal feel. The latest specification hose feature a transparent outer plastic sleeve which should help to better protect the hose from abrasion and dirt. Each hose is labeled for correct location of mounting. Excellent feature I must say as this eliminates the blur mechanic installing the hose in an incorrect location problem

Closeup of the end fitting. This end fitting goes to the brake pipe/line on the car. The other end is a regular banjo and mounts to the caliper. PRO-RS claims that its end fittings are Trivalent chrome plating goes to further elaborate that Trivalent chrome provides a safer and environmentally acceptable alternative to traditional chroming process of Hexavalent chromium. It decreases health hazards from airbourne chromium. Waste treatment and disposal costs are reduced because the process uses no Hexavalent chromium, no additives with strong oxidants, and has an extremely low metal concentration which is up to 95 percent lower than Hexavalent chromium. To my eyes the plating looks better than traditional cadmium plating and looks similar to the plating used on my G Spec Performance clutch hose.

IMHO from previous experience this is really one of the best bang for buck mods you can do for your brakes. Highly recommended. Oh and why did I buy the PRO-RS braided brake hoses? Well my rear beam + disk brakes and other yummy mods have already arrived as I type this post.

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