Friday, October 29, 2010

Clutch Hose Upgrade - Installed

I had my G Spec Performance braided clutch hose installed together with my rear beam and disc brakes. The clutch hose is meant for the QR25DE but fits the QG no worries. The only difference from stock is the longer length which is not a problem. Picture below of stock clutch hose.

The airbox had to be removed to facilitate installation of the clutch hose. Picture below of the installed braided clutch hose

A teflon hose with stainless outer braid is not as flexible as a rubber hose necessitating a longer length. And make sure you properly bleed the hydraulic clutch cylinder after changing the hose. My Motul RBF600 brake fluid also doubled up as clutch hydraulic fluid. I'm thinking of sending my stock clutch hose to an AN fittings and braided hose supplier for replication complete with aluminium alloy end fittings. Any takers?


Jack said...

This is HAPPENING AGAIN.. welcome back!! :)

Andrew Saw said...

Thanks Bro! :)

+ akatsuki + said...

hi andrew.

can i know the benefits of using steel braided clutch hose? is it true it will help to increase the life span of a clutch pump?

Andrew Saw said...

Gives a better pedal feel as per upgrading ur brake hoses. Don't think it will increase the life of your clutch pump.