Saturday, September 11, 2010


Modifying the Slowtra is going to take a lot of customized fabrication and even more R&D than the SP due to lack of parts, interest, etc from the regular speed shops and parts makers especially in this part of the world. While this can be frustrating it is not going to deter me. Oh.. and did I mention this time I'm going positive crankcase pressure for the Slowtra? The QG engine hates to rev so a snail would be a better option. I initially played with the though of an SR16/20VE transplant but have decided to persevere with the QG. Call me a sucker for punishment.

In the meantime here are 2 rejection emails for your amusement

From Impul Japan:
Mr Andrew Saw

Thank you for your inquiry.

We are sorry but we do not have N16 Sentra in Japan so we do not have any parts set for the vehicle. We have some reinforcement parts for Bluebird Sylphy but do not know if they are installable on Sentra or not because we do not have an actual vehile to try.

We are sorry.

Best regards,
Marketing and Sales Promotion
Tel: +81-(0)3-3439-1122

Interestingly Impul has ECUs and even a build engine (camshafts, pistons, etc) for the Sylpy making 160hp (claimed). NA Bagus? Sylphy owners you heard this from me. But we have a Malaysian Impul Sentra right? Errr... please don't even talk about it.
Another rejection this time from Okada Projects USA. Okada has upgraded ignition coils called the Plasma Direct for the Toyota Vios/Yaris/Vitz so I was kinda hoping they would be able to do something for the Slowtra. Kinda wishful thinking huh?

Hello Leng,

Thank you for your inquiry.

Unfortunately we do not have any products suitable for Nissan QG18 engine and B15 Sentra.
Best Regards,

Akira Sato
23891 Via Fabricante Suite 614
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Tel: 949-583-7800
Fax: 949-583-7810


Chang Chew Soon said...

ouch, sorry you ran into so many challenges in modding your car bro...

i've dealt with akira from okada projects personally in the past before, he's a very nice guy.

if you want some boost in your ignition, why not go straight for a cdi system?

its like having a TNB inside your car and you can just use normal copper plugs and save up on changing those platinum/iridium plugs :)

Andrew Saw said...

Hello Chew Soon,

I'm open to any suggestions

Chang Chew Soon said...

you can check out MSD or Autronic for a complete CDI system bro...

i know mugil is using one too, but i forgotten which brand already...

i think i'll be putting in on my car too....

Andrew Saw said...

OK Sir! Will do.