Monday, August 23, 2010

Nose Job

My Impul Front grille arived last week but I could not fit it then as the Slowtra was at the painters for a beautification job. After 4 years the Slowtra's front bumper, grille, bonnet and fenders were littered with lots of road rash and love bites. Decided to repaint more than 60% of the Slowtra and the resulting work took nearly two weeks. Got the car back today and immediately drove to TCEAS to get the Impul grille fitted.

Pix below of a pristine and virgin looking front bumper and bonnet till the next meeting with pebbles especially from lorries. Grrrr... My painter's the same guy that's been doing the SP previously. He knows my requirements and standard so I wouldn't simply settle for anyone else.

So why did I decide to go for the Impul grille? Well I was thinking about replacing the stock grille as it had way too much chrome in it and besides you can't really repair the chrome bits damaged by pebble hits. The stock grille also costs substantially more than RM500 so rather than get a replacement might as well settle for the sportier Impul grille which retails at RM800 but I managed to get some decent discount. The Impul grille is also much simpler to maintain and repaint when necessary. Pix below of the humongous box the Impul grille came in. The part number is IMN16 04FGTS for those with a part number fetish. Just tell TC you want the Impul N16 or Sentra grille would be simpler.

The TCEAS technician took about 15 minutes to remove the stock grille (loosen 7 nuts) and install Impul grille (only 6 nuts to tighten). Factor in extra 15 minutes as additional time take to view, discuss and comment about the Nismo and cf parts on the Slowtra. Pix with the new grille fitted. The Impul badge really looks a mismatch with the Nismo logo on the bumper lip.


I took the Slowtra home, gave it a good wash and promptly removed the Impul badge. The badge is fastened to the grille via good old double sided tape making it easy to remove. Lost a couple grammes of weight too! Looks loads better to my eyes with the Impul badge removed.


All in all I'm pretty satisfied with the cosmetic upgrade. The Slowtra now looks to my eyes cleaner, sportier and less "Ah Pek" like.


Mugil said...

looking oil cooler and intercooler will look even better behind the bumper and grille!

Andrew Saw said...

Definitely Bro!

dulukini said...

look nice than the sport grille. Do you have overall car pic with the new front grille.

How much you get for the new grille?
I plan to replace my n16 with new grille and new absorber.

Is it nismo absorber still avalable in the market?? any idea/

Andrew Saw said...

Bro, The pix of overall car with grille is a couple posts down - "Impul Slowtra". I got a 20% discount for the grille. And, Yes the Nismo absorber is still available and going for ~RM1.6K now due to special promotion.

dulukini said...

wow 20% discount what a good bargain you get from TC. The picture below too photogenic not the same like our camera. what absorber you use now is it nismo or impul?

some people said nismo absorber more comfort than impul.

Andrew Saw said...

TC will not give the discount. You need to get them to refer to Alan Khoo. I will take some pixs of the Slowtra in due time. I am using the Nismo S-Tune but will probably go to some damping adjustable coilovers in the near future. Have never tried Impul so cannot comment. At the RM2-3K price range there is always trade-off between comfort and handling. If you can go for something like Tein Super Streets you can have much better comfort and handling due to the damping adjustability in addition to much better damping characteristics.