Saturday, August 7, 2010

Impul Slowtra

Yes your eyes did not deceive you. These are pictures of a new N16 Slowtra. Impul is a popular Japanese Nissan tuning house and founded by ex-professional race driver Hoshino Impul. Impul has links to Nissan and currently runs a SuperGT team campaigning a GT500 class GTR. Quite why they (Impul and TCM) see fit to launch a hotted up Slowtra nearly 10 years after its launch and replaced by the G11 Sylphy or B16 Sentra in many markets defies logic but hey who's complaining?

The "mods" are limited to new subtly redesigned bodykit, new sportier front grille, Impul shocks and finally a "power' mod - the Impul Blast II exhaust muffler which should give bout 1-2hp and better response at the expense of more noise. Rims/wheels appear to be 16" Impul FS-16 which is from Japan but if you ask me I'll take my Rays Gramlights anytime anyday ;). The other mods are made in Bolehland including the exhaust muffler. The Impul Slowtra is not cheap and is listed as:
  • 1.6 MT Comfort - RM94.5K
  • 1.6 MT Luxury - RM98.5K
  • 1.6 AT Comfort - RM98.6K
  • 1.6AT Luxury - RM102.6K
Yes you got that right. Nearly RM103K for a 10 year old 1.6 Slowtra. Ouch! Details are at Impul Malaysia nee TC nee Nismo Malaysia's website

Luckily the parts can be purchased separately. The bodykit goes for RM3K, grille - RM800, shockers - RM2.5K, 16" Impul FS-16 wheels - RM4K, stainless steel Impul Blast-II exhaust muffler - RM1.8K. Whether the parts are worth it or expensively crazy you decide. A little bird did tell me the parts can be had with a 10% discount. Anybody managed to get more discount please do let me know. Am really interested in the exhaust and grille. Heck I've just called Alan and ordered the grille. Stay tuned..


Jack said...

RM800 for the grill??! Wow... but what the heck. You gotta start somewhere!! :P

Andrew Saw said...

Less than that after discount la :)

Mugil said...

welcome back!

the impul parts all sounds very expensive! surely we can come up with a much better exhaust setup then just the rear muffler for that kind of money!

Andrew Saw said...


Yeah I know. Just need some time to do Malacca :)

Andrew Saw said...

BTW the Dog III uses RBF600 :)

Peravin Tarumaraja said...

I want to buy this body kit we're can buy