Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nissan Motorsport Parts Catalog for B15/N16

This got posted recently over at MySpecV forum. Looks genuine. Most of the hardcore internal parts are for QR25 engine but some like the 5-speed short shifter and grounding kit will fit our lowly N16. Contact details are provided further below. The the forum posting is located here.

Does anyone have a spare good condition QR25 engine and associate gearbox lying around?

Nissan Motorsports Competition Parts Catalog

Just downloaded this from I will list all the B15 parts, along with other necessary information. PM me for any further information you would like.Parts information will be listed as follows:DescriptionPart NumberPrice (if i have gotten it yet)I tried to see if my dealer gets any kind of discount, but unfortunately, we don't. The best thing to do would be to call Nissan Motorsports directly to quote prices or make a purchase. Contact information is at end of post.

Forged racing pistons for QR25DE, 13:1 CR (set of 4)12010-QR25G

Forged H beam connecting rod for QR25DE (set of 4)12100-QR25R$335.33

Piston Ring set for above12033-2J201

Racing connecting rod for QR25DE (set of 4)12100-QR25R$1980.00

Aluminum flywheel for all QR25DE Sentra SE-R and Spec V13210-QR251

High lift, race valve springs for QR25DE. ceramic coated. (set of 16)13203-QR25R

Spin-on adapter for remote oil filter location; can be used with an oil cooler. SR20DE & QR25DE (Big)15238-E1119$25.50

Nissan Motorsports grounding kit, includes 6 grounding wires & instructions, smoked clear heat shrink. Custom fit to Sentra SE-R and Spec V w/ QR25DE.24080-BGNDK

Poly engine mount insert kit QR25DE.99996-1112G

Racing piston and rod kit for QR25DE.99996-QRRSP

Replacement friction kit for aluminum flywheel, 12310-QR25112311-QR251

Short Shift kit for 6 speed Sentra SER and Spec V 10/03+34101-B15S4

Short Shift Kit for Sentra with 5 speed and 6 speed transmission. 2.5 liter engine only 02-0434101-B15SS

Short shift kit for all MT. Attatches to the transmission pivot for a 30% reduction in throws. 2nd piece attatches to shift lever to re-center. 2002+34101-B15S5

Front Hawk 9012 Blue racing brake pad set.41060-HB268

Front Hawk HP+ Autocross brake pad set.41060-HB268N

Stainless steel braided 4-wheel brake line kit, DOT compliant. For use on cars with ABS.46200-22046

MISCELLANEOUSI'm not going to list all the information. PM me for details.

NISMO shift knobs: 10mm threads: polished aluminum, black aluminum titanium, aluminum w/ carbon fiber insert, titanium GT race, JDM special edition-black leather w/ red stitching. 12mm threads: titanium GT race

Spec R emblemgear shift pattern plate: 5 & 6 speed

Nissan decal: black, red, silver, white

Koni strut bump stop, trim to fit

Heat insulation

Auto Math Handbook

Driver suit patch, Nissan Logo

Sentra Spec V GT4/5: fiberglass nose, rear deck lid, LH door panel, RH door panel, hood panel, L 1/4 panel, right 1/4 panel, rear bumper. Lexan rear window. Window surrounds. Latch.

And much more, including race equipment.

CONTACT INFORMATIONToll-Free Order Line: 888.833.3225 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (CST), Monday through Friday24-Hour Fax Line: 615.223.3341email:
Address: Nissan Motorspors 610 Enon Springs Road East Smyrna, TN 37167

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Data Lost!

Two Sundays ago was one of the worst moments of my life cyber wise. My hard disk suddenly decided to die in a very bad way (controller motor crapped itself out) and I lost thousands of photos of my house, the Slowtra, SP, mods, documents, everything. Even my work Outlook files going back to 2000-20001! Silly me for not having a good external drive for backup..

I've had 3-4 hard disk crashes previously but never this bad. Usually the data can be recovered but the problem now is my hard disk is really dead. Nothing can connect to it! Does anyone know how to salvage data from my kaput h/disk? Small reward (RM150-300 depending on how much can be salvaged) offered. Who wanna try? Am on my knees begging...