Monday, July 14, 2008

N16 Manual Transmission

Did some research lately on the manual transmission found on all MYDM CKD N16 1.6 variants and found the following information which might interest you below. Pls note all info is cap S-Tune (Saw-Tune) and is the result of my own personal research work. I cannot guarantee 101% correctness so use the info at your own peril!

1. The gearbox model for QG16DE is RS5F70A, model code number 7J006. The gearbox model for QG15DE is RS5F30A. Nissans designation for transmissions is as follows, example RS5F70A:
RS=Remote Shift, FS=Fixed Shift
5=5 forward gears, 6=Forward gears
F= Front drive, R=Rear wheel drive
70=Model designation
A=Standard/open final drive, V=Viscous LSD & H=Helical LSD

2. The gearbox is made by Aichikikai Japan or Aichi Machine Industry Co., Ltd. Apart from transmissions Aichikikai also produces engines for Nissan.

3. The 70A gearbox is a pretty robust unit and is specced by Aichikikai to withstand up to 200Nm of torque. One fellow forumer from OZ Pulsar group told me the gearbox is capable of withstanding 500hp but I honestly wouldn't try my luck so far.

4. The USDM B15 Sentra with QG18DE runs the same manual gearbox. This simply means the same gearbox can be fitted as a "performance upgrade" for Bolehland Sentra XG-Ls. The 70A gearbox is also found in the P11 Primera but with a different bellhousing. This means many other SR20DE engine variants and car models in the Nissan lineup will use the same gearbox combination.

5. TCM Malaysia quotes the following gear ratios:
Final Drive=4.167 (brochure), 4.176 (service manual). The service manual is correct while the brochure is incorrect and TCM never bothered to correct it for the Sentra FL2 and Sport brochures. I'm pretty sure it's never been corrected since the beginning! And how do I know which publication is correct? Well the service manual lists the following: Final gear teeth count=71, pinion=17. 71 divided by 17 will give you 4.176470588235294117647....

The USDM B15 SE had the following gear ratios: 2000-2001 B15 SE.. 4.437 (FD), 3.333 (1st), 1.955 (2nd), 1.286 (3rd), 0.926 (4th), 0.733 (5th). Compare, contrast and make your own assumptions!

6. The RS5F70 gearbox also comes with a LSD - Limited Slip Differential (not the drug!) variant. The gearbox with LSD fitted is RS5F70V. The LSD is of the viscous type hence the "V" designation. Needless to say the RS5F70A does NOT have a LSD.

7. Nismo did have an aftermarket LSD for the 70A gearbox once upon a time but this has been discontinued :( There are rumours the LSD for RS5F32A gearbox is the same and can be fitted to 70A gearbox. Who wanna be the first guinea pig to confirm this? I'll personally chiah you lunch if you confirm the theory above is correct or a bunch of hogwash. The Nismo LSD part number for 4.176 final drive RS5F32A gearbox is 38420-RS360.

8. Some useful links from SR20 Forum in regards to said gearbox. Excellent reading and knowledge material. Folks in this forum are pretty technical unlike some other Nissan forums.
"B15 tranny - why it's better than B13/B14"
"Disassembly of a B15/P11 tranny to install a friction type lsd"
"P11/B15 transmission swap into a B13/B14/P10"

I'll just stop at #8 for the time being before I bore you non-techies to death. Also you know how much we Chinese like the number 8 :) Hope the information has proven useful.