Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nissan Sentra Sport Edition

This is what TCM is trying to do to push off the remaining stocks of everyone's favourite but ageing N16. Why TCM would want to call this the Sentra "Sport" is beyond my logical reasoning. Pictures of the brochure below

Now on to the million dollar question. What "sporty" changes did TCM make? The changes are... drumroll please!
  • "Smoked" headlight and rear lights
  • Black tricot seat fabric
  • Insulation/upholstery on rear trunk lid removed
  • Only the top and bottom rows of the front grille are chromed. Rest is painted a metallic greyish tinge
  • No bird maple panels on centre console (less plastic trees to kill?)
  • No rear seat centre arm rest
  • Different design wheels but still puny sized 14 X 5.5"
  • No UV-Cut glass
  • Rear "Sport" badge stolen from the Latio Sport

And the Real Performance Mods are....

  • Unfortunately a Big Fat ZERO unless you consider a very very very slightly better power to weight ratio from the deletion of the rear arm rest and rear trunk lid insulation.

Lastly the only thing that makes your heart beat faster on the "new" car is it's price!

  • Sentra Sport 1.6M = RM85,750.00
  • Sentra Sport 1.6A=RM89,800.00

Last I knew my better N16 cost roughly the same. Ouch! Sorry for coming across as a frustrated old fart but that's how I feel about the Slowtra Sport edition which is even worse than the Nismo edition. What a big fat shame!


Daniel said...

Mate! Im from Australia and N16 was gone long ago. I have a 2003 N16 Sedan.. (Pulsar). I would love a pair of those rear lights. If there is any way you can get a pair I would buy them from you.

Daniel said...

Sorry.. Posted too early.

Or if you could show me where to get a set from that would be greatly appreciated!


Andrew Saw said...

You can try and contact Tan Chong Malaysia for the lights. The web page is listed in my links.

Andrew Saw said...

Tan Chong Malaysia = Nissan Malaysia

Daniel said...

Ive had no luck with Nissan Malaysia.

My next plan is to go into my local Nissan here and see if they can do anything for me.

Do you know how I could get a part number for the rears?


Andrew Saw said...

I don't think the local Nissan dealers are interested but I could be wrong. Best of luck. Unfortunately I don't have the part number.

Clement said...

The price dropped doesn't really attract buyers like me.

I heard Sentra N16 has at least 3 face lift and the engine changes before N16 to N16. If not wrong it was 2003.

I'm seeking for 2nd hand sentra N16 for the time being...