Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nismo Badge Here!

This just came in a couple days ago courtesy of Bro EJ! Would like to thank Bro EJ for taking the time to source this original authentic Nismo badge as found in Nismo project cars in Sashimi-land. The badge's not cheap (RM400++) but gotta be worth at least 50bhp from the looks alone!
Looks good enough to lick! Question now is where should I place it? Was thinking of same place where my "1.6 VTC" badge used to be. Any suggestions?


Nismo said...

Hi I have a Nissan Sunny Neo 1.6, just like yours known as Sentra.

The badge is nice

dend me an email and I will send you pics of my cars

My email: deepak7423@yahoo.co.uk

By the way Am From Mauritius

Andrew Saw said...

Hi Deepak,

Good to meet you.

Eu Jin said...

Bro Andrew, sorry again for the long wait. Post a pic once it's on the car! :)

In Love With RX7 FD said...

hi there, i'm a hard core fans of RX7 FD.... i just saw a RX7 with Veilside bodykit in Penang and the rims are 20 inch...OMG. but it's still not done yet. Confirmed with my frens who work in the car's workshop that the car will be done somewhere in June. Will pass you the photos when i get it... Need to have a background view in Penang to prove that it's true
?? It will be the 1st RX 7 in Malaysia.... Hooray. Coz they told me that the car started to assemble somewhere in March... took months to complete inside out. Will get the photos asap

Andrew Saw said...

Sorry... Understand you're very enthusiastic about the RX7 but this blog is about Nissan Sentra N16. Thanks.

BadBadtzCarlo said...

hi Andrew,

i know this is an old post, but I would really like to know how I can get my hands on those NISMO badges that you have on your Sentra?

I'm here from the Philippines, and I got my very first car, a Sentra GX 1.3 for birthday present :)

I asked the dealers here and not one can tell me how i can get those badges.

hope you can help.