Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Nismo Badge

Yes I know I'm getting ricier by the day but does anyone have the leads to get the Nismo badge below? My contacts in JDMland is telling me this badge is not for sale and only found in Nismo factory/project cars.
I just need the Nismo badge. Don't need the "Z-tune". If this cannot be had I also don't mind a similar looking badge (just different "O" alphabet treatment) found on the Latio Tiida S-Tune. In all honesty a proper badge looks so much better than a sticker decal. Nismo Japan online website only lists the following badges

I don't mind having the above badges if these were at least 50% larger. At only 100mm width X 28mm they're way too small...


Eu Jin said...

Bro, I can get the emblem if you are interested. It's the newer NISMO logo (i.e. like the sticker version in your post)

Originally meant for the Z33 NISMO Version, it's JPY12,000 excluding internal and international freight.

Not cheap, let me know if you needed it.

Andrew Saw said...


Which emblem? The one on the R34 Z-Tune? If yes I'll take that no questions asked.

Eu Jin said...

Yup like the R34 Z-Tune style but the "O" is different coz the R34 ones are the previous logo.

Err...I email a pic to you easier la. Sent me a blank mail to eujin[at]hotmaill[dot]com

PS. Autech emblems are also available if you are interested. :P

Andrew Saw said...

Hurrah! Bro, I know which "O" you're referring to and I'm all for it. You've got mail! :)

Jack said...

Nismo project cars coming up?

RM340+ OUCH??

Andrew Saw said...


The cost is more than that :(((((