Saturday, January 12, 2008

Chit, Chit Chit! - Birds in my Engine Bay?

The Slowtra's bloody aircond/power steering belt squeaks like a hungry/horny bird? whenever the engine's cold. The chit, chit, chit is driving me crazy and the sound is getting more persistent by the day. I previously changed to a Nissan Key Value (Made in Japan second grade parts) belt on recommendation from TCEAS and all was well for bout 5-6 months before the sound came back. Damn!

Checked with fellow Slowtra owners and apparently this problem is nothing new for the CKD Sentra. Everybody suffers from it. Anybody got kangtao for Nissan Bluebird Sylphy G10 belts direct from Japan? Apparently this is the only cure.


Sv said...

squeaking belt eh? tried those oem replacement brands anot? would you consider trying maybe??

btw guys, i would like help with this thing i cant get decent answers.

im running a 15" wheel with an offset of +41 and width of 7". camber adjusted at the top, -2deg fronts.

im using a 8mm hubcentric spacer.

how will this increase in offset affect my cornering? i tried this setup at the tracks last week and my tires were a lil noisier than without the spacer.

now, i do not know if im having a positive scrub radius or negative scrub radius with this setup but i know that the stock setup has a lil negative scrub in it. (if im not mistaken)

the big question is: what effects will it have on my handling (improve or hinder) if im pushing the scrub more towards becoming positive?
(besides getting worn bearings and all)

i know widening the track will give me an advantage. but im worried that making the scrub a lil more positive will have bad effects on corner carving.

replies and explainations are greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance~!

Kevin said...

yeah neighbour's less than 2 yrs old sentra...also got squeaking sound from time to time...even can be heard from inside my house when he starts the car...heh...

Andrew Saw said...

Damn paiseh man. Could have sworn my neighbours were startled a couple times liao especially when I start my car and let it warm up in the early mornings..

mahathir said...

my work focus on plant' spareparts-materials and belting is 1 of thousands items used in a plant.
if u are willing to try, take the part number of current existing belt, and try different brand belt at spare parts shops that acquire same part number. other brand outside and common to be used is gates,bando etc.different type n more expensive represent a better composition of layers material used in the belt. the most important just the part number resemblence the right dimension for use. i think this will resolve the chirping sound in our n16 problem.need somebody to test them.

reg. ibmr60

Andrew Saw said...

It's simply too much development work. I'll rather get the JDM belt as that has proven to work without noise. Just waiting for Uncle Fooyc to get me some else will ask my friend in kiasuland to check with TCS.