Monday, December 10, 2007

S**t Happens!

The SP got broken into recently (Nov 30) with numerous parts stolen including the one off full carbon pre-preg bonnet. My heart goes out for Mugil.

Publishing this note on behalf of Mugil...

"SP was broken into on Friday morning and the following items have been stolen from the car:

  1. Full CF Bonnet
  2. Momo Corse 78 Steering Wheel
  3. Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release (only the half connected to the Steering)
  4. CF Side Mirror
  5. Matspeed J5 ECU
  6. R3 CF Gear Knob

If you know or hear or offered any of the parts stated above do contact me at 012-3350607. A small reward will be provided if any of the items above can be recovered."

Anyone wanting more pixs or info on the stolen items is welcomed to email me or comment in this blog.


Sv said...

shit. sorry for you mugil. how did it happen? when and where did u park?

Mugil said...

in my house patio and the car was covered!! luckily my dads car was at the back of SP if not i guess they would have probably managed to get it out of the house and roll it down the hill!!! Bastards!!

Do keep a look out for the CF bonnet and mirrors!


Andrew Saw said...


You can order similar cf mirrors from APR Performance in the States.


Sv said...

ho shit... from your house? im sorry to hear... im glad that u and ur family are ok. i guess they didnt know what was under the hood. if not, prob the head would have been gone too. where do u stay? dangerous place?

Mugil said...


very safe area in kajang. i think the car was targetted redy cos they know what they wanted and took it!

Sv said...

oh man... well, hope things turn out alright... damn those thieves. get a fierce dogi.

Jack said...

They did not only steal material things but lots of BST that went into building them!!

FARKER!! hope they get it at the end of thier miserable low lifes