Friday, November 30, 2007

Dietary Supplements

The stock bolts that hold the fuel lid hinge was starting to rust so I took the oppportunity to replace with lightweight aluminium alloy items. Pix of the stock items. Top bolt has a major rust. What an eye sore!

The stock bolts are M5 X 10mm. I replaced them with aluminium alloy silver anodized items. The M5 washer proved too small so I used an M6 washer but alas did not have any M6 silver anodized ones left. Used regular potassium bichromate plated versions. Gold and silver never looked better! Pix below.

Thinking of getting Nismo fuel cap garnish but that will add more weight :( Also replaced the bolts holding the boot lid hinge with aluminium items. Stock crappy bolts..

Pro-Bolt M6 X 40mm aluminium alloy silver anodized bolts installed.

Ordered bolts 5mm shorter than stock. Don't know why the stock bolts need to be so long. There are loads of thread still left once the 40mm aluminium bolt has been fully tightened.

Mike Kojima's Nitto Tyres Sentra Spec V Racecar Ready!

I'll let the pictures do the talking. Needless to say this is probably the fastest Sentra in the world for Time Attack/Circuit Racing.
For those of you familiar with SE-R/ or read Sport Compact Car mag a lot you'd be familiar with the name Mike Kojima. In US Nissan Sentra racing circles the guy's a Guru and this latest project was build to compete in Time Attack events in the States under the Unlimited FWD class. Details of the car's build can be found here. The amount of custom fabrication required to build a competitive professional racecar is out of this world! Enjoy! Can't wait to see a 500hp FWD rear suspension beam Sentra whup cars with independent rear suspension. Really major inspiration for me to make the Slowtra hopefully not so slow...

And to save the best for last I've been in contact with Mike lately and he really took the time to reply my emails and read this blog. Fab guy! Will publish some of our communication when there's time. Watch this space..