Friday, October 12, 2007

Rear Carbon Number Plate Revisited

Remember the crappy rear carbon number plate that fell out coz it was not flat due to warpage? I finally bit the bullet and emailed Rallytech in the UK for a decent wet lay-up carbon flat plate. The plate dutifully arrived after bout a week. Cost was a massive RM500 including shipping for just the rear plate! Trust me you only want to do this (be so crazy) once in a long long time..

I then had the plate clearcoated in Glasurit to my standards. Job was done by my bro Herbert. As you can see the surface finish quality is absolutely incredible. Smoother than a baby's bottom! Carbon weave I'm using is 1 x 1, 3k. twill weave while looking more racelike is also easier to spot from afar. Not good as far as JPJ is concerned.

Numbers were installed to the carbon plate via double sided tape by Uncle. No super glue involved. Numbers stick better in the long term and will not scar the plate when removed.

After more than a month of monsoon rain and intermittent heat wave there's no warpage in sight. This is clearly a case of UK Engineering and unfortunately Malaysia Tidak Boleh! If I'm crazy enough I might eventually replace the front carbon number plate with a Rallytech item.


Eu Jin said...

Hey I used to have CF number plates in my PV6. Lost one of it when I flew off tho. :P

Andrew Saw said...

:O Hope this doesn't happen to me Bro!

Kev said...

Does JPJ give you trouble when they see your CF plate?