Friday, October 12, 2007

Good As New

Been wanting to post this weeks ago but been swamped with work, house and personal issues. Anyway the Raya hols are a welcome breather so I'll like to start the festivities with a post..

Got the Slowtra back from my painter a couple weeks ago and I'm happy to say it looks better than new. Only downside is my "Nismo" & "S-Tune" decals had to removed for painting. Will have to get a new set. Sigh! Two quick pixs below..

Took the opportunity during the wait to order some new clips so that I can reinstall back my boot lid's carpet trim which had been removed previously to install my Mine's wing. The original clips are still in fairly decent nick but you know me. Nissan parts are not cheap btw.

That's RM8.50 per clip and not for the pack. There are 12 clips holding the carpet trim so I ordered the 12 clips without first asking the price. I mean Proton clips only cost me like RM2+ per clip. so how much more expensive can Nissan clips be? The bill came up to RM102. Ouch! Pix below of clip in place holding the trim.


Eu Jin said...

These looks like the same ones used in my boot. :)

Andrew Saw said...

At least the Sentra and Skyline share some parts :P

ReDz said...

helo there.. i'm also a nissan sunny enthusiast.. do u have anyting like msn acct??

Andrew Saw said...

Hi Redz,

I rarely have time to chat on msn.