Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Detailing - Other (Non-Autoglym) Products

Spent many a day and hours during Raya lovingly cleaning, polishing, waxing and detailing the Slowtra. Pix below of the non-Autoglym products I'm using to detail the car
Soft99 Meta-Clean wax
Been using this wax for many years. Ideal for metallic coloured paint. I use it for the wheels/rims and for interior uncovered metalwork such as doors and engine bay. Does not last as long nor is as silky shiny as Autoglym but then I've not complain as the wax costs around half the price of Autoglym Super Resin Polish

Need more be said? Excellent for cleaning engine bays (degreaser) besides protecting metal parts such as shock absorber bodies and spring from rust. Use loads if you hate rust and oily grime.

Car Plan Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner and Glass Polish
I use both especially the cleaner extensiely to clean my windows and windscreen. The glass polish should be used once in a while to polish your glass and leaving it silky smooth and consequently your wipers judder free.

I know it sounds dodgy but this local made product works a treat and is dirt cheap by Autoglym standards. A bottle costs way less than 15 bucks. Leaves a nice glossy coating on interior vinyl trim. Can be used as cheap tyre sidewall detailer too.

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