Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hit & Run

Came back to my car after lunch with colleagues today and saw this..
The road's as wide as any suburban road can be and the parking was perfectly legal. There was also no other car parked directly opposite me so there's plenty of road space. From my assessment whoever hit me was coming from the opposite direction. Also likely to be a lorry/truck or some big SUV/4WD judging by the height of the scrape marks. The thing that pisses me even more is that the f**ker hit my wing mirror and continued going forwards thus scraping my front and rear doors, rear side panel and finally bumper. Luckily my rear light was spared and likewise my wheels. Phew! To the person that did this to my car "May U Rot in Hell!!!!". The Slowtra was parked in Sungai Nibong area on one of the suburban side roads next to Yakki Teppan Japanese restaurant when this happened around 12+pm. If anybody saw the accident pls do let me know. I don't mind giving a reward so long as I can nail whoever did this! The Slowtra's now checked into hospital for some plastic (sorry metal & paint) surgery. Should be better than new in a couple of days...