Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mine's Mine - More Beauty Shots!

Here's more takes by popular demand. Close up of the side plate below. Side plates are connected to the wing via 2 M6 allen socket cap head bolts.
Top View. Nice contrast with the Slowtra's new boot silver paintjob. My regular Painter did a massive job but he ain't cheap!
Another shot!
Side view

Last pix before things get too dark. IMHO the Mine's Multi Select wing manages to look aggressive yet subtle at the same time.


vincent said...

Nice... but i'm not a fan of having spoilers. I much prefer cars to be wingless. But then again, the Nismo bodykit complements the wing. Hmm...can lar, still looks good on your car.

Andrew Saw said...

Haha.. I'm the exact opposite. Love car's with big badass wings so long as they have the oomph to make use of the aerodynamics. The Slowtra is amongst the slowest of my cars hence this tiny little wing. Unfortunately while tiny it also costs the most :P

EJ said...

Nice wing!! Noticed it has a bit of resemblance to the "AC Schnitzer Racing rear wing" for the E46 sedan.

Andrew Saw said...

Hi EJ,

Yes it is. Looks like the Japs like copying too :P

jun wen said...

is it real carbonfiber?

Andrew Saw said...

Yes Bro