Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nissan N15 DTC (German Touring Car) Racecar

Was digging thru my old racecar archives to post in the N16MO forum bout how to properly lower your car and I found this. Thought I'll just go ahead and blab a bit since the Pulsar/Almera N15 is the N16's Daddy. Might be late 90s touring car technology but this is still state of the art as far as I'm concerned and shows how much effort goes into a race car despite everything looking stock externally. Red boxes below show how much the top suspension mount has been raised to ensure sufficient suspension travel after extreme lowering. Engine uses a carbon plenum (inlet manifold) and single throttle body. And just look at the size of the blue anodized oil catch tank! The compression must be stupendous for a naturally aspirated engine to generate so much crankcase pressure. All major plumbing is via AN fittings and stainless steel braided hoses. Lesser ones are silicone. Major investment here alone.
Engine mount is fabricated from a block of solid aluminium to minimize engine movement. Obviously NVH comfy comfy is not a factor in a racecar.
The engine in it's glory after disassembly from car. Huge throttle body!

There are bellmouths for each cylinder in the inlet manifold

And here is the camshaft. Now that's what I call duration and overlap!

Rear suspension assembly below. Anti-roll bar is a very yellow blade type, adjutable and goes thru the spare tyre well. All links are spherical bearinged. Like the N16 the N15 uses a torsion beam rear suspension configuration. Rear dampers are running helper springs (black) and the main spring (red) is linear type and extremely stiff from the looks of it (how fat each spring coil is).

Cockpit nothing much to look at except Pi Research datalogger and integrated digital display. Pedal box assy is hinged from the floor. Rollcage tubing runs through the dash.

As trick as this might look it's still relatively Group N+ (production) based and nowhere near as developed as the old school touring cars such as the BTCC Primera. Will do an article on that stupendous piece of technology when time permits..


Chooi Yue said...

Fooh.... but still running distributor ignition? Would have expected that they would run COP ignition on this...

Sv said...

whats on the strut turrets which u marked in red? care to explain and teach?

Andrew Saw said...

Patience bro. I posted this pix in response to some "VIP style" low riders in N16 club forum explaining to them why just going super low ain't the best thing for your car's handling. Rest of article to follow.

Anonymous said...


Sv said...

more education please!!!

whatdamn said...

good stuff. i do think mike kojima's se-r is better prepped than this car. but i guess each holds his own. to achieve the lowering required in a race car, the shock tower need to be re fabricated right? no two ways around it huh?

Andrew Saw said...


For sure Mike Kojima's car is better prepped. I believe Time Attack regulations are just about anything goes compared to Group N+. Yup, the shock tower has been refabricated.