Sunday, May 13, 2007

AC Delco Wiper Blades

After about a year or so of usage it was time to replace the stock NWB (Nippon Wiper Blade) wiper blades. Our lovely weather and long lasting wiper blades unfortunately don't mix. The N16 uses a pair of 22" and 16" sized wiper blades. Settled on the AC Delcos. These are made in Korea and set me back RM40 for a pair. Pix below.

Installation took me bout a minute and more time was spent opening the packaging :) Have been through several downpours with these wiper blades and so far so good. Noise is absent and the wiping action/results is optimal.


Anonymous said...

Wat did urs WB die so quick ? Mine lasted good 3yrs before it gave up..its NWB oso, I on my 2nd set of NWB, juz complete 1 year term

Andrew Saw said...

it didn't die lar. I normally don't wait more than a year for wipers or for it to die. My practice having scratch my parent's car's windscreen previously with a worn wiper.

hmph said...

Hey Andrew,

Why not use something like the PIAA Silicon wipers etc? Carbon look ones are cool looking ;-P

Andrew Saw said...

Sorry.. da PIAA carbon wipers look damn fake and Beng.