Sunday, April 8, 2007

Nismo S-Tune Decal Kit

Finally took some time to apply the "Nismo S-Tune" decal kit today. Process took me bout half an hour and I also screwed up one "S-Tune" decal during the positioning process. The decals stick way too easily. Dang! Pixs below
The decal set only comes with three "S-Tune" decals so having screwed one means I don't have any left for the rear of the car. This means I'll have to purchase another set. Expensive mistake! Bummer me! Having said that I'm still undecided whether the decals look good on the Slowtra or just plain ricey? At the rate mods are happening I might need a "R-Tune" decal set soon. Haha! Also worried bout inviting unwarranted drag challenges on the roads by young cikus with too much imagination. Comments pls...


Anonymous said...


Bro, looks abit beng, sorry, mebe Im getting really old.

Andrew Saw said...

Kakaka. I know.. Good to go with da GT Wing Yo! :P

AllisonWhitejisa said...

Those are very nice.I`m very like. I`m sure everybody like to this.



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Gayshani said...

Very good look. Nice.



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gaya1 said...

Those cars are nice to see.I like those cars.

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