Saturday, April 14, 2007

Carbon Nismo FL2 Rear Spoiler - Preview

The spoiler's off the mould. Now doing some light finishing. Early pixs from my Bro below. Have been too busy to follow up on the status or to help in the moulding work like in my SP days. Sigh..

Tomorrow will test fit. If all goes well then the spoiler will be sent for finishing to my standards else it'll be to make another one..


Sv said...

superb! you da man!!! superb stuff u got bro. superb!!!!

btw, can u still get em symborski shifter base kits?

Andrew Saw said...

Pls check with Jack on that

Sv said...

jack? tot u were the one who ordered them in?

i think i met jack on mrr2. on the way back frm sunway. was it you jack?

Andrew Saw said...

Oi.. Chooi Yue. Mana lu?